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Glass water bone suddenly became an internet celebrity.

by linbin on April 27, 2020


  Blueberry, pineapple, peach, mung bean popsicle, lemon tea. Speaking of this, many people think of chewing gum or ice cream, but few people can regard it as a new taste of glass water bong.

  As delicate as a USB flash drive or a signature pen, take it out of your pocket and turn on the switch without igniting it-in the past year, glass water bong in the image of electronic products has become a new online celebrity in the venture capital field.

swiss honeycomb bong by purr glass

  In January this year, Luo Yonghao introduced an led glass bong product called "Fulu" in the new version of "Chatting Treasure", which was launched by Zhu Xiaomu, Smartisan No.2. Subsequently, Cai Yuedong and Huang Taizhang, founder of Huang Tai Chi, jointly launched Yooz Pomelo. Five autobiographical media members formed the founding team of LINX, a spiritual rhinoceros.

  During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig, Ms. Chen was a self-media figure who was immersed in science and technology all the year round and founded an investment circle. She was surprised to find that she did not smoke on weekdays and received three different LED Glass bone products as New Year gifts.

  In Huaqiang, north of Shenzhen, glass water bong was sold at the counter that once sold VR glasses, branded mobile phones and smart home products.

  Behind the sudden burning of the mini glass bong is the increasing capital for firewood. In 2018, China's more than a dozen mini glass bong companies won the favor of capital with a total financing of several hundred million yuan. Whale, Yooz grapefruit, magic flute, Moti, TRYMIX, plus silicon valley cloud and APOC. The new mini glass bong brand is dazzling, creating the hottest start-up areas at the end of the year and the beginning of the year.