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Bongo glasses also has multiple risks.

by linbin on April 27, 2020


  Fresh lung fruit flavor and healthy lung-clearing steam smoke. Some people will notice that many bongo glasses companies have linked their products to health. In their mouth, smokers who take health risks can pursue a fashionable culture and have a "healthy lifestyle" through bongo glasses.

  Can bongo glasses act as a "substitute cigarette" and "help stop smoking" as some companies say? At present, no conclusion has been reached. Worryingly, some non-smokers joined the ranks because they were curious about bongo glasses. Mr. Bai works in a game company. He told reporters that several generations of "electronic smokers" have appeared among his colleagues and partners-they have never touched cigarettes at all.

  Gu Zhongyi, president of Beijing Dietitians Association, cautioned that although bongo glasses contains no tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances produced by burning ordinary tobacco, they still contain toxic and addictive nicotine, which is still harmful to ordinary people, especially children and teenagers.

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  Reporters found in an elite glass bongs Tmall store that although the product details page has black background fonts at the bottom, "you are not allowed to buy under 18 years old, but if you do not pay attention to miss this information." No, no, no. Moreover, when the reporter tried to place the order, the store did not require identity information, age, etc. Consumers can order at will.

  Gu Zhongyi also reminded that due to incomplete market supervision and lack of relevant national standards, elite glass bongs products are used more casually in raw materials, condiments, technology and other aspects, and manufacturers may add some new experiences and harmful substances to the human body. Even some of the more common additives are safe, but inhaling into the lungs can bring about potential dangers. For example, propylene glycol is a very common food additive, but it is easy to stimulate respiratory tract after burning, and some elite glass bongs may also contain heavy metals. "。

  For entrepreneurs, the greater test comes from the uncertainty of the market. Under the general trend of tobacco control, fine glass bongs have been brought into the control scope in many places. In February this year, after Hangzhou, Nanning and other cities banned the use of bongo glasses in public places, Shenzhen included bongo glasses in the "blacklist" of tobacco control in its draft smoking control regulations.

  Aware of the multiple risks of morality and law, some technology listed companies are eager to draw a clear line with fine glass bongs. In mid-February, Xiaomi's official microblog responded: "Xiaomi's ecological chain company will enter the fine glass bongs field." He said: "Xiaomi will not produce fine glass bongs. This is purely a rumor.