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Is there nicotine in jet glassbone?

by linbin on April 27, 2020


  First of all, you need to know whether jet glass bone contains nicotine depends entirely on the tobacco oil you choose. If you choose nicotine, it contains nicotine. If you choose a cigarette without nicotine, it will not contain nicotine.

  In general, jet glass bong has nicotine content in its tobacco oil, generally "0mg, 3mg, 6mg", which represents the nicotine content, i.e. the amount of nicotine per milliliter of tobacco oil.

  Can you indulge in jet glassbone for a long time?

  Smoking is addictive because cigarettes contain nicotine. If you choose to smoke, you will become addicted.

  However, if you smoke without nicotine, it is not addictive in theory, but besides physical addiction, smoking and jet glass bong are also psychologically addictive.

  How to quit smoking effectively and stay away from nicotine

purple glass pipes and bongs

  1. Replacement

  The most important purpose of quitting smoking is to stay away from the habit of smoking amg glass bong. If you have the habit of smoking amg glass bong in the morning or after dinner, you can replace it with a substitute after quitting smoking and then quit smoking slowly. You can choose coffee, tea or candy to replace amg glass bong.

  2. Stay away from parties

  In fact, the most painful thing about quitting smoking is temptation, so you shouldn't go to all kinds of parties unless you don't smoke.

  3. Transfer target

  When you have the urge to inhale Glassdabong, you may as well dilute it with exercise. Sports meet makes you farther and farther away from you, so swimming, games and running are your best choices.

  4. Awareness-raising

  In fact, most people do not understand the harm of smoking, but one-sided. Therefore, we can understand the harm of smoking through various pictures of different situations, so as to raise our awareness of abstaining from glass dab bong.

  5. Compliance

  In fact, quitting glass dab bong is the same as losing weight. There is a long way to quit smoking. Only by sticking to it can you succeed. Don't be defeated by glass dab bong on the way to quit smoking.