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With the addition of glass pink bong, these problems need to be paid attention to.

by linbin on April 27, 2020

First, understand their own strengths

  Glass pink bong is very popular, but there are also many kinds of products, such as large boxes of mechanical sticks and other players, as well as reusable cigarette bombs and disposable cigarettes. The audience is totally different for these three different types of products. The exaggeration is the difference between trucks and cars. You won't see a store selling trucks and cars at the same time.

  So you need to know what kind of mini glass bong they like, from the resource channel, or the audience.

  Second, choose a reliable brand

  At present, there are few and hundreds of mini glass bong brands in China. what is reliable? the editor thinks there are the following aspects.

  1. If the brand endorsement has a larger brand background, large enterprises are generally more stable than small enterprises.

  2. Product evaluation focuses not only on e-commerce platforms, but also on other platforms, such as industry websites, Zhihu and other platforms, as well as the real evaluation of users.

how to make a glass water bong

  3. High brand awareness indicates strong brand operation ability. A good team is always the right choice to make good products.

  III. Purchase of Test Products

  Through the second step, you can lock in 3-5 brands at an early stage, then you need to buy back some mini glass bong products and ask yourself and your friends to test them. This step may require some money and time, but this step must not be underestimated, otherwise you will step into the pit in the future.

  IV. Linking accession and contrast policies

  Through their own research and testing, in the early stage, they finally screened out about 2 brands, made on-the-spot investigations and discussed the joining policy.

  The joining policy mainly considers the order quantity of mini glass bong, monthly sales demand, margin, settlement method, non-performing interest rate, merchant support, etc.

  V. addition of sub-items

  We believe that the following points may have been added during the screening and comparison:

  1. The iterative optimization cycle of products is relatively fast;

  2. Products are exclusively used in distribution channels;

  3. The company has a support policy for agents.

  I hope that when you choose cheap glass bongs to join, you will step on fewer pits and succeed as soon as possible.