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Practical application of intelligent glass bongs technology

by linbin on April 25, 2020

  Corning, a leader in consumer electronics glass skull bong, has developed technology to produce flexible glass such as printed wallpaper.The flexible glass can be used as a touch surface with computer functions.In theory, any surface, from the refrigerator door to the kitchen counter to the entire wall, could be turned into a smart touch display, like an iPad screen.

  This kind of glass has moistureproof, good temperature adaptability and glass transparency, and has the flexibility of plastic and low cost.Corning has also developed glass that kills bacteria and viruses through exposure, as well as various types of smart glass technology.

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       Two-way mirror

  Smart mirrors or interactive mirrors are the first practical application of smart urban glass bong technology because they do not require transparency.Using existing bidirectional mirror technology, smart mirrors can act as flexible mirrors in the home, but at the same time, they can display some information on the mirror's surface.

  Among the world's leading organisations, the New York Times, which has insights into mirror technology, has set up its own research and development department to study how people will access news and information in the future.Their research suggests that in the future people will be getting news and information in the bathroom.The New York times mirror is futuristic, but also based on existing technology.

  Cooking "mirror"

  Microsoft is making mirrors for your kitchen.Microsoft researchers have created videos to show the future of technology.In what Microsoft calls "Microsoft's vision for the future," you can see a description of the future of kitchen technology.The kitchen inside is elegant and beautiful, but more importantly, people interact with home technology: computers and technology disappear in desktops and cupboard doors, and even into refrigerators.

  This groundbreaking interface, combined with voice control technology and artificial intelligence information technology, is like a magic mirror in the mythology.The bongo glasses has all kinds of information and Suggestions, as well as video display and communication functions, all of which are related to the daily consumption needs of users.

  Customers are using smart coffee tables to choose their coffee.

  In all cases, household items look like regular items -- a table looks like a table, and a refrigerator looks like a refrigerator.But there's a super tablet interface, where kids usually play on the desktop, and there's a picture on the refrigerator door that shows what's in the fridge or what the family wants to buy.

  Super fit mirror

  The mirror above reflects the current technical research, which is still in the theoretical stage.There is also a magic mirror concept, which is a real application that can already be seen in the store.Special full-size mirrors like the one in the photo are called super-close-fitting mirrors and you can stand in front of them and they create the illusion that you are trying on an item of clothing as if you were looking at a mirror of that item of clothing.This way, you don't have to take off your clothes over and over again and quickly try on what you want.

  The mirror system USES Microsoft's Kinect technology, a virtual display technology developed specifically for the gaming and retail markets.The resulting illusion is very real.

  This virtual fitting room will soon be in your home.They will take the place of mirrors in your bedroom and show you the same wonderful posture as other mirrors.But when you want to shop, you can use this mirror to see what the clothes you want to wear look like and then decide if you want to buy them.

  Network building mirror

  What kind of mirror can you buy now?All these prospects are exciting.But some amazing mirror products are already on the market.For example, you can buy network structure mirrors from JamesLaw.

  Unlike other conceptual mirrors that use voice, gesture and touch controls, the web mirror USES the same remote control as the TV.It will show emails, schedules, flight status announcements, and even progress on exercise and weight loss.

  Conclusion: as a famous science fiction writer said, any rapid development in science and technology has nothing to do with magic.