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Serious coma caused by cheap glass bong king

by linbin on April 25, 2020

  According to FOX6NEW, a 26-year-old man in Burlington, Wisconsin, fell into a coma after buying cheap volcano bong on the street.

  After doctors initially diagnosed him with pneumonia, the man was rushed to hospital for rescue.

  However, after further examination, it was found that the man suffered lung injury after inhaling electronic cigarette smoke, causing serious respiratory problems and lung injury.

  Serious coma caused by cheap glass bong king

  PatrickDeGrave, the man's brother, explained that he had bought a volcano bong containing THC.

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  DeGrave said: "The trauma caused by mini glass bong to his lungs is huge, but most importantly, the trauma to his heart is even greater." These cheap volcano bong are very, very dangerous. My brother almost died.

  Serious coma caused by cheap glass bong king

  DeGrave further explained that his younger brother was treated and lost consciousness within 24 hours. At this stage, the fate of his brother is still unclear. Whether he will eventually recover is still uncertain. "All we can do is wait and see.

  In addition to the man, eight teenagers suffered lung injury, severe cough, dyspnea, chest pain, fatigue and weight loss after inhaling electronic cigarettes.

  Serious coma caused by cheap glass bong bowls

  LouellaAmos, a paediatric lung specialist at the Children's Hospital, said: "Their breathing is not smooth and their condition is serious. Too serious to breathe.

  Chief Medical Officer Dr. MichaelGutzeit added: "Smoking among teenagers will harm our children, and we hope more people will notice this.