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Do you want to smoke glass glass pink bong?

by linbin on April 25, 2020

For those unable to quit, there is a better alternative, called e-cigarette or steam cigarette, which produces the same experience as "smoking" by atomizing the smoke oil, thus relatively reducing the burning process of tobacco.Can you elderly jet glass bong?

  Do you want to smoke glass pipes and bongs?

  From their own health direction, glass pipes and bongs will not be burned through open flame, in the use process will not produce tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, propylene aldehyde, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances;It is a good product to meet the needs of smokers for nicotine intake.

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  Glass pipes and bongs smoke is smoke oil vapor, main component is the essence of the oil smoke, nicotine salt, consumption level, the composition such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, these ingredients are basically is extracted from common plants in our daily life, can be quickly dissipated after you exhale, don't leave a particularly poor taste, others' psychological and emotional impact is relatively small, is not easy to other people's backs up.

  Smoke from traditional cigarettes is mainly caused by carbon monoxide, a highly toxic substance.The fumes produced by glass pipes and bongs are relatively less toxic due to fewer combustion processes.It is mainly made up of propylene glycol and glycerol, which thickens the steam and produces visible clouds of smoke when people smoke glass pipes and bongs.These two substances are not part of our air, and it is not clear from current research what adverse effects they have on the human body.

  Do you want to smoke glass bottle bong?For non-smokers, don't try anything.Smoking is not a cool or handsome thing to do.Glass pipes and bongs are not entirely harmless!Only for smokers, glass pipes and bongs are less harmful than cigarettes.