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How about glass gravity bong?

by linbin on April 25, 2020

For those unable to quit, there are better alternatives called glass pipes and bongs or steam cigarettes.E-cigarettes produce the same experience as "smoking" through the atomization of cigarette oil, which relatively reduces the burning process of tobacco.How about glass pipes and bongs?

  How about glass pipes and bongs?

double percolator glass bong

  From the perspective of their own health, glass pipes and bongs without flame combustion, in the use process will not produce tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acroal, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances;It is a good product to meet the nicotine intake needs of smokers.E-cigarette smoke is the vapor of cigarette smoke.The main composition of cigarette oil is flavoring, nicotinic salt, edible propylene glycol, plant glycerol, etc.These ingredients are basically extracted from plants that we see in our daily life.Exhalation quickly dissipates, does not leave a particularly bad smell, psychological and sensory impact on others little.It is not easy to antagonize others.

  Traditional cigarettes emit mainly carbon monoxide, a highly toxic substance.With less burning, rb glass bongs produce relatively few toxic substances.It is mainly composed of propylene glycol and glycerol.When people smoke glass pipes and bongs, these substances thicken the steam, creating visible smoke.These two substances are not part of our air, and current research is not clear about their adverse effects on the human body.

  How about glass pipes and bongs?For non-smokers, don't try anything.Smoking is not cool or handsome.Glass pipes and bongs are not entirely harmless!But for smokers, fritted glass bong are less harmful than cigarettes.