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Type and price analysis of glass pipes and bongs

by linbin on April 25, 2020


  The types and prices of glass pipes and bongs have been a concern for many partners.In fact, the glass pipes and bongs in the market are mainly divided into exchange glass pipes and bongs, disposable glass pipes and bongs and oil glass pipes and bongs.

  1.Replacement of glass pipes and bongs

  The combination of the smoke oil and the atomizer is what we call a smoke bomb.After each use of smoke oil, do not need manual injection of smoke oil, the new smoke bomb device will be directly replaced.In the case of a cigarette bomb, you have a choice of flavors.Every time a user wants to experience a new taste, he or she simply needs to buy another type of smoke bomb.However, each brand of smoke bomb products are not compatible, users can only buy the same brand of main device smoke bomb products.

  Change the price of glass pipes and bongs: between 100 and 500 is more mainstream.

swiss honeycomb bong by purr glass

  2. disposable glass pipes and bongs

  Disposable glass bongs ebay, also known as small cigarettes, power supply, atomizer, smoke oil integration, no need to charge, take out and smoke, the general market of small cigarette products can smoke 300,500 pieces, equivalent to the use of traditional cigarette 2/3 packaging, depletion and replacement, very simple operation.It is also small in shape, generally about the size of a traditional cigarette, making it easy to carry.Glass pipes and bongs are small in power and produce less smoke. They are not as real as other products in taste and taste.However, its low price and even compared with traditional cigarettes, it is cost-effective, detoxification and easy to use, so it is very suitable for novice users of glass pipes and bongs alternative tobacco products.

  Disposable glass pipes and bongs: 30 to 60 are standard prices.

  3.Type and price of glass pipes and bongs

  Glass pipes and bongs are mainly divided into three parts: power supply, evaporation device and cigarette holder.Each part can be disassembled separately, the volume is large.In use, must be injected into the evaporator oil, atomization core inside the heating wire also need to be maintained separately, including silk, silk, cotton core, oil, etc., very unfriendly to the novice, the price is also on the high side, the threshold is very high.However, the greatest pleasure of the glass pipes and bongs is that they have a large amount of smoke, suitable for some of the senior Vapor lines performance, and produced belongs to the glass pipes and bongs street culture, more suitable for play.

  Oil glass pipes and bongs price: rmb100, also available for fuel injection glass pipes and bongs.

  At present, the main types of glass mask bong are the exchange of glass pipes and bongs and disposable glass pipes and bongs, because these two kinds of glass pipes and bongs are very convenient, disposable glass pipes and bongs are thrown out, the exchange of glass pipes and bongs, it can be said that the current mainstream trend,Glass pipes and bongs belong to the feelings of old players.