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This study once again shows that using bubbler glassbone seasoning is also the first choice for adults.

by linbin on April 24, 2020

       On April 23, according to a study by VapingPost, researchers from Pennsylvania State University's School of Medicine pointed out that adults also like the candy-flavored bubbler glass bong.

  Dr. Du Ping, the lead author and associate professor of medicine and public health science, said: "Our data show that tastes are popular not only among young people but also among adults." Many participants in our study said that they used bubbler glass bong as a means to quit smoking or avoid relapse, and these tastes may be one of the reasons for long-term use of bubbler glass bong.

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  In order to carry out the research, the researchers compared the online survey results of glass bong shop users from 2012 to 2014 to 2017 to 2019. Both surveys require respondents (383 years old, aged between 22 and 75 years old) to list glass bong shop users who like to use essence.

  Statistics show that people of all ages like chocolate, candy and other sweet tastes. About 50% of the participants said they would still find ways to buy things if they could not get their favorite taste glass bong shop through the ban.

  JonathanFoulds, co-author of the study and a professor of public health science, pointed out that although condiments were banned, most respondents still used large smoke devices based on oil filling. He pointed out that these users can continue to purchase bottled electronic liquids from illegal sources and may obtain condiments through disposable mgw glass bongs.

  Adding spices or buying products on the street without authorization is dangerous to one's health because we do not know the chemicals in these mgw glass bongs, "Du said. We do not know the long-term impact of the condiment ban, but the evidence we have collected shows that adult mgw glass bongs users who like sweeteners may face health risks because they try to obtain or manufacture their favorite flavor mgw glass bongs from illegal sources.