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What are the benefits of a one-time qiglassbone? There are five major advantages

by linbin on April 24, 2020

For smokers who regularly smoke qiglassbone and disposable qiglassbone, they must have heard of or personally used qi glass bone. Many friends are more interested in the introduction of one-time qi glass bone. one-time qi glassbone has won the favor of many people, because one-time qi glassbone has many benefits, so what are the benefits?

  What are the benefits of a one-time qiglassbone?

  1. Easy to carry

  One-time qiglassbone does not need to be recharged and does not need to replace cigarette bombs. smokers only need to take qiglassbone out and do not need to carry heavy chargers and other accessories.

  2. More stable performance

  Due to the completely closed design of disposable gilded glass bongs, the operation links such as charging and replacing cigarette bombs are reduced, the occurrence of faults is reduced, and the problems such as circuit faults and liquid leakage which cannot be solved by rechargeable gilded glass bongs are completely solved.

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  3. More smog.

  One-time gilded glass bongs can smoke up to 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes, and the use of cigarettes can last longer.

  4. The battery is stronger.

  "Generally speaking, every cigarette bomb needs to be charged once, and the battery efficiency is extremely low, which is equivalent to charging every five to eight cigarettes," he said. If the rechargeable qiglassbone is idle, qiglassbone will completely stop using it in about 2 months. In contrast, disposable qi glassbone batteries are very powerful and can support more than 40 ordinary cigarettes. If the disposable qiglassbone is idle, the usage of qiglassbone battery will not be affected within one year, and the battery will not be affected by more than 10% within two years.

  5. Low price

  Compared with rechargeable qi glassbone and mechanical qi glassbone, the price of disposable qi glassbone is much lower, and its applicable customer base is relatively larger compared with the first two, which is also one of the difficult reasons why ordinary consumers are cheaper.

  It is now the vertical and horizontal stages of qiglasspipe. due to proper product operation, glasspipe management is becoming more and more standardized. therefore, there are more and more glasspipe in the market and the quality assurance is getting higher and higher. therefore, everyone has a deeper understanding of qiglasspipe! However, glassbone pipe is still harmful. If you don't smoke for a long time, it is suggested that everyone can change other methods without quitting smoking, instead of using glass bong pipe excessively.