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Glass bong king reduce harm to the market

by linbin on May 11, 2020

There is no denying that we are in an era of rapid technological change, and many products and services are being rapidly transformed by technology.

  Choosing to reject or accept is indeed a potential problem, of course, how to deal with innovation.

  After a dramatic innovation in the dimensions of radical marketization, many "non-marketization" or "extremely difficult to standardize" areas are also undergoing reform, as the Internet is accustomed lookah glass to call the "second half."

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  For example, pinduoduo has entered the mobile Internet by "looking for people" and achieved e-commerce success through instant consumption.For example, calling a taxi online has changed people's habit of taking a taxi in a "subsidized" way.

  Such a "marginal market", as it is called, may seem almost impossible or difficult to enter at first glance, but it is a real, unlimited business opportunity.

  Since 2005, when the world health organization (who) promulgated the framework convention on tobacco control (FCTC), countries around the world have substantially increased their efforts to ban and control tobacco, an area that has been a highly controlled market and will become increasingly restrictive in the future.

  But sensitive traders discovered the market, because there are one billion smokers in the world.

  A billion smokers!Addicts have super strict needs.

  Smart business people seem to have found a solution to serving a billion smokers: lookah glass recycler.

  A story that may be familiar to many is that at the end of last year, the 1,500 employees of Juul, a us e-cigarette start-up, received a total dividend worth $2bn, or about $1.3m each.

  Altria, the us tobacco giant, may have overlooked the news when it lamented its "top year-end bonus" on social media: its decision to pay a huge dividend for a 35 per cent stake in yule for $12.8bn.

  At the time, the corresponding Juul was valued at $38 billion.

  That valuation is close to 360buy's market value.

  There are more stories.IQOS, the once-popular unburned e-cigarette, is made by Fimo, an international tobacco giant owned by Altria Group, an investor in Juul.

  Look, big companies are not outsiders, they are still international tobacco giants.

  By 2018, iQOS has been sold in 43 countries and tens of millions of consumers worldwide have become the world's largest non-combustible e-cigarette company.

  In fact, global tobacco giants, including China tobacco, are looking for new ways to reduce the harm of traditional tobacco and, of course, to avoid the effects of "tobacco control and control" and smoking bans.

  For example, international giants such as FEMO international, British American tobacco, and Japan tobacco all got into the "e-cigarette" game and began the transformation of the tobacco industry.

  E-cigarettes are distributed among the four largest players in the global tobacco industry

  Obviously, this area is full of big business.

  So instead of "questioning" e-cigarettes, analyze their consumer groups.

  Non-smokers are likely to view lookah glass for sale in a hostile light.For smokers, if there were a "harm reduction" alternative to smoking, it would obviously be a good plan. After all, the "addiction problem" could not be cut with a big knife;There is also a group of people called the "vaper" who will spit out various smoke rings to "play" with the crowd, most of whom are young people because they don't smoke and are not injured.

  The last group was young people who had never smoked before, and they were drawn into the "smoking" group due to the fashion and curiosity of e-cigarettes.Of course, that's not a good thing.

  But it is almost a "common problem" for young people, many of whom still join the ranks of smokers each year.They are not ignorant of the dangers of tobacco;Although life is full of novelty, some people are always willing to try.Like all kinds of electronics, e-cigarettes have a certain appeal.

  Of course, the e-cigarette industry should also introduce policies, self-regulation and a clear "ban".In fact, the e-cigarette industry, neither iQOS nor Juul, supports trafficking to young people.

  For the 1 billion "smokers", more than 90 percent of the e-cigarettes are sold to them to replace traditional cigarettes to satisfy the "addiction" of smokers, but they are also relatively healthy and do not affect the surrounding population, which is why the international tobacco giant entered e-cigarettes in the first place.

  They define this as "less damaging to the market".

  Because of its strong dependence on nicotine, the market is a trillion dollars.

  , of course, it must be noted that, based on "harm reduction" itself, domestic effort has just begun, in the field of electronic cigarette market time is still a period of "imitation", as a result, many electronic cigarette operator may not have such a purpose, they indiscriminately products may even bring new damage.