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Should glass bong king be banned

by linbin on May 19, 2020
However, the problem of glass bong king is not so simple. On the one hand, the huge number of smokers; On the other hand, it is the future flower of each country -- the youth.

  Is it better to emphasize "glass bong king is 95% less harmful than cigarettes" or "glass bong king is harmful"? It's a dilemma for public health.

  Smoking Man, also known as Cancer Man, has a name that looks like a superhero, but he is actually a classic character from the x-files

  If the policy tends to promote glass bong king as less harmful than cigarettes, then smokers are more likely to switch to glass bong king and cigarettes will cause less harm. However, the problem of youth smoking may not be solved, once they hear glass bong king is not harmful, they may smoke glass bong king again. It may even increase the overall smoking population, which backfires.
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  However, only talking about the harm of glass bong king will cause smokers' distrust of glass bong king, which will scare away smokers who want to change to glass bong king.

  In 2013 only 7 per cent of britons wrongly thought glass bong king was as harmful as cigarettes, compared with 25 per cent in 2018. The department for public health (phe) said that some of the comments over-emphasized the dangers of glass bong king and ignored the comparison with cigarettes, which affected the public's correct perception of glass bong king and the dangers of cigarettes.

  "Playing with smoke", following the trend, has become the motivation for some people to choose glass bong king, who may not have smoked before. This largely contradicts the original intention of glass bong king's invention, and stimulates the discussion of glass bong king's influence on society/visual China

  As for the dilemma mentioned earlier, which side to focus on, different countries face different situations and different attitudes within each country.
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  The whole UK tends to support the promotion of glass bong king, which emphasizes that "glass bong king is less harmful than cigarettes", so as to dispel smokers' doubts about the safety of glass bong king and emphasize the comparison of the harm caused by glass bong king and cigarettes. In December 2018, public health England (PHE) made a short film, using cotton balls, to show people the difference between smoking cigarettes for one month and glass bong king for one month .

  The UK seems to be more optimistic about glass bong king for young people.

  In January 2019, for example, a charity called cancer research UK said there was no evidence that glass bong king was guiding teenagers to smoke in the UK. Smoking among young people has been declining, and the probability of non-smoking young people using glass bong king is very low, about 0-1%.

  The document further states that in Europe, although young people are more likely to try glass bong king, they are less likely than older people to end up using glass bong king, suggesting that trying glass bong king does not lead to smoking.

  In December 2018, public health England released a short film to show glass bong king is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. I appeal to the Public not to continue smoking instead of trying glass bong king/Public Health England because of the false perception that glass bong king is just as harmful as cigarettes

  Young people in the United States have more serious problems with glass bong king and are more cautious about glass bong king.

  According to the national youth tobacco survey, the percentage of high school students exposed to glass bong king soared from 11.7% to 20.8% in 2017 to 2018, a 78% increase. Middle school students increased from 3.3% to 4.9%, an increase of 48%, an increase of 1.5 million in one year. It is estimated that a total of 3.6 million middle school students have been exposed to glass bong king .