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Lookah seahorse pro went on sale in the U.S. in 2007.Why the lookah seahorse pro outbreak last year?

by linbin on May 13, 2020


  As of May 11, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States was 1344,512, with 8,087 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins university.

  It's worth noting that shortly after the closing of the fort derrick biological base last July, a puzzling outbreak of lookah seahorse pro disease occurred nearby, with clinical symptoms remarkably similar to those of coronavirus patients.

  Recently, there have been growing domestic and international concerns, calling on the U.S. government to announce the real reason for closing fort derrick and to identify the connection between the closure of fort derrick and lookah seahorse pro, influenza, and coronavirus.

  Mysterious lookah seahorse pro disease

  In August 2019, an outbreak of lookah seahorse pro disease erupted in the us, with confirmed cases peaking in September.As of February 18, 2020, the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) has reported 2807 cases of lung injury (EVALI) associated with lookah seahorse pro or spray products, including 68 deaths.However, the CDC did not explicitly disclose the cause of the EVALI outbreak, except that "laboratory data indicate that vitamin E acetate used in lookah seahorse pro, which contains THC products, is strongly associated with the outbreak;However, it is difficult to rule out the effects of other chemicals.".

  Patients with lookah seahorse pro disease often suffer from severe shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting, fever and fatigue, and some require ventilator treatment in intensive care units, according to a New York times report last August.The lookah seahorse pro outbreak is "becoming an epidemic," troubling doctors and public health experts, the report said.

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  Since the appearance of lookah seahorse pro grass and lung disease, the centers for disease control and prevention, the food and drug administration, state and local health departments and other agencies have been investigating the cause of the disease.Investigators are trying to determine whether a particular toxin or substance penetrated the lookah seahorse pro product supply and whether the contaminated lookah seahorse pro package has been reused.

  Are lookah bongs the culprit?

  In September 2019, a doctor who had treated patients with lookah bongs grass and lung disease told Cbs that no other cause of the disease had been identified, but it happened that they were all receiving lookah bongs.

  In November 2019, CNN reported a possible death from lung disease lookah bongs.Two months after her death, it is still unclear whether the cause of death was linked to lookah bongs.Sanjay Guupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent, said on the line that the link between sales of lookah bongs in the us and mysterious lung diseases not seen before since 2007 was still worth exploring.

  Many of the cases appear to be related to lookah seahorse pro, which contains tetrahydromarijuana, Dr. Gupta said.But why do lookah seahorse pro and lung patients in states where THC is illegal get it?

  Does lookah glass for sale cause lung damage similar to that caused by biological and chemical weapons?

  In October 2019, the Mayo clinic (Mayo clinic) studied lung tissue samples from 17 patients and found that the damage was similar to exposure to toxic chemicals.

  "All of the 17 patients we studied had lung injuries, like some kind of direct chemical injury, similar to what we might see if we were exposed to toxic chemical fumes, toxic gases and toxic substances," said Brandon Larson, a surgical pathologist at the Mayo clinic.In fact, the patient looked like a worker who had been unfortunate in an industrial accident.After a VAT of toxic chemicals leaked, the entire person was exposed to the toxic gas, which burned in the respiratory tract.

  Lung damage also looks like exposure to toxic substances, such as mustard gas, a chemical weapon used in world war i. studies of lung damage caused by lookah glass for sale are at an early stage and should be treated with caution, larson said.

  According to USA today, since 2003, there have been hundreds of cases of accidental human exposure to deadly microorganisms in U.S. laboratories, which could lead to direct contact with a deadly virus that could spread into the community and cause an epidemic.

  According to a report by the U.S. comptroller's office, as early as 2009, there were 400 accidents at P3 laboratories in the United States.The safety of biological laboratories is the biggest risk facing us regulators.

  The relationship between lookah glass for sale and the fort drake biological base closure, influenza and coronavirus also needs to be explained to the public in the us.