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The new zealand lookah bong trade association said the government may loosen restrictions on lookah bong's taste.

by linbin on May 27, 2020


  May 13, New Zealand media reported that VTANZ, a representative of New Zealand's lookah bong Trade Association, said a few days ago that New Zealand's Health Choice Committee now better understands the importance of lookah bong's taste to help New Zealanders quit smoking. We may see later that the taste restriction proposed by the government has eased to a certain extent.

  His comments were submitted orally through Zoom, including the "Smoke-free Environment and Regulatory Products (Vapour) Amendment" view. The bill was introduced by New Zealand's Deputy Health Minister Jenny Salesa in February and the Health Committee will report to Parliament by June 2.

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  Defree said that members of Congress have listened to the opinions of many people and organizations and must protect our youth, but also remember that foods such as fruits, desserts and sweet flavors are the most popular among adults and are the key to successful smokers.

  For the time being, the government's law regulating lookah rig proposes to restrict the taste of lookah rig to menthol, mint and tobacco only for all non-professional lookah rig retailers.

  He believes that restricting the availability and acceptability of electronic aerosols for adults will only serve the interests of big tobacco companies so that they can continue to control New Zealanders and communities at risk.

  He said, we hope that ordinary retail will allow more about three flavors of lookah rig category. This will reflect the fact that as many as 90% of former smokers want and need these flavors to stay away from cigarettes. Cigarettes are everywhere, but there is no popular lookah rig flavor, which only risks an increase in the smoking rate.

  He believes that too strict a restriction on taste may also lead New Zealanders to obtain potentially dangerous unregulated black market products, leading to hospitalization of electronic aerosolized pneumonia similar to that overseas.

  VTANZ expressed optimism. the committee will recommend that congress strictly restrict and control lookah seahorse advertising, such as alcohol, but the bill has not been completely banned.

  Defree said New Zealand's government is under increasing pressure to spend. Now, it is meaningless to allow only taxpayer-funded advertising campaigns to publicize the advantages of the transition from smoking to looking ah seahorse cleaning. Lookah seahorse cleaning enterprises should be able to use their profits to advertise in limited ways, thus saving taxpayers' taxes.