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How to break glass bong China line?

by linbin on May 12, 2020


  At the policy level, the 2018 "notice on banning the sale of glass bong China to minors" clearly stipulates that glass bong China shall not be sold to minors.The new November rules also protect minors from selling glass bong China, but do not yet cover offline controls.How to standardize the off-line policy in the future is also the most concerned issue for many glass bong China enterprises.

  Zhang dong, an administrative law expert and senior partner at dacheng law firm, had previously told burning finance what policies the country would enact and what types of glass bong China would need to be regulated.If glass bong China is controlled as a drug, it is too strict.If glass bong China is regulated as a medical device, glass bong China is not as helpful for smoking cessation as advertised, nor is it in line with the actual situation."Glass bong China is likely to be incorporated into a mature regulatory system for traditional tobacco and the relevant tax policies will be relatively complete."He said.

  With the development of glass bong China industry in China, offline smoking will inevitably make a comeback.Glass bong China's rapid growth over the past two years has been helped in large part by money and the Internet, but it has touched the bottom line for tobacco groups.

  Offline business is not a day's work.The game between brand and channel will be a long-term topic.

how to make a glass gravity bong

  Sun haiming, founder and CEO of platinum glass bong China, believes that at present, high-quality channels are scarce, and merchants and agents have to rely on them, just like the old scalpers in the market, recycling and education market.On the contrary, it is relatively easy to make money by holding high-quality mobile platforms and channels, rather than squeezing goods, high margins and various subsidies.

  Some practitioners joke: "what is the most profitable China bongs now?"Shopping malls make the most money."In order to open a store and rent a store, the brand swarmed into the mall, sitting on the floor and bidding, vicious bidding.

  There is no doubt that China bongs, an online shopping service, has benefited from the ban.The online sales ban was issued on the same day, with some brands simply saying "very happy" and "happy".

  The founder of a brand named China bongs believes the ban will lead to a restructuring of the industry, which will stimulate new opportunities.Our main task now is to grab territory, and the window of time is only one or two months."His reasoning: the brand is just responding to the fact that web traffic has been forced offline, so one thing to do now is to capture web traffic, and the other is to capture new offline channels.

  Fulu is testing its direct delivery service in Beijing, an agent told burning finance.The user makes an appointment through a furu employee, and the dispatcher will deliver the product at the specified time.In this way, on the one hand, we can achieve the goal of continuing offline sales, and at the same time, we can identify minors.However, this will increase operating costs compared to selling on e-commerce platforms.

  Accelerating store openings has become a common choice for many China bongs brands, but there are different approaches to what kind of stores to open.

  Zhao yangbo, vice President in charge of capital investment at qichen, said the glass bong China industry will have more collection stores instead of exclusive stores in the future as the ban on online sales is implemented.

  In the past, king glass bong industry was dominated by exclusive stores, with franchisees joining a single brand and the brand independently bearing the costs associated with opening stores.Zhao yangbo believes that there will be such a situation in the future: multiple brands and products will be different, sharing the cost of setting up shop, and the channel side will coexist from a single brand to multiple brands. No matter agents, channel suppliers or users, they will gradually start to choose brands.

  For the brand side, the form of collection store reduces the cost of setting up shop and increases the choice of channels;For franchisees, it reduces operational risk associated with a single brand and increases operational flexibility.

  The battle for king glass bong's offline breakthrough has officially begun.The success of king glass bong's business in this early winter will depend not only on regulatory attitudes, but also on the effectiveness of offline breakthroughs.