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By national standards, 90 per cent of the lookah glass bongs brand will be phased out

by linbin on May 12, 2020


  The lookah glass bongs industry started to ignite prairie fires at the end of last year, rivaling the blockchain at the beginning of last year and the sharing economy the year before.In just one year, hundreds of brands have entered the ongoing lookah glass bongs industry.According to tianyuan, there are more than 100,000 companies involved in the lookah glass bongs. The mandatory national standard for lookah glass bongs is expected to be launched this year, and how many lookah glass bongs will survive?

  After the carnival, "pull the tiger skin flag" fishing to vote and campaign.

  Behind the fire, there was a lot of chaos.At present, in lookah glass bongs industry, there are some capital - oriented brand relying on the capital operation, burning money marketing, channel expansion and price, in the market have a certain sound, but the product ability is weak, poor consumers most concerned about product experience, the core of the product components, such as liquid atomization is basically factory contract workers, lack of core r&d strength;The other is a "copycat" business model that takes advantage of the imported national lookah glass bongs standard and makes money to leave.The brand is similar to the knock-off machines of the day, with no customs clearance, lax quality control and even minimal safety.

  As a new bellwether for entrepreneurship, the lookah glass bongs industry is "integrated" with no speculative activities, whether it is a window for "quick money" or a "big valuation" after the policy is clear.But where are the brands that focus on product, experience and innovation?

  Serious product and experience homogenization industry urgently needs a breakthrough.

black leaf glass bong golden dragon series

  At present, the rapid success and efficiency of lookah seahorse pro market, the blind pursuit of speed, is bound to lead to serious product homogeneity, unqualified quality, wrong parameter standards and other problems in the industry.Lookah seahorse pro is currently available to consumers from 100 brands, and even when consumers do experience it, the difference in appearance makes it looka lot like lookah seahorse pro.

  What's more, the various lookah seahorse pro brands have overemphasized the benefits of nicotine relief, and repeated marketing education has led consumers to believe that the nicotine salt content determines whether or not the flavor of traditional tobacco will recover, and even to feel that the more content, the more throat attacks, and the more energy, the better the effect of nicotine relief will be."But in fact, consumers tend to give up traditional tobacco and become addicted to lookah seahorse pro.What consumers really want is a comfortable, smooth, highly reductive flavor. Even in traditional tobacco, the smooth, soft, non-pungent flavor is more advanced than regular tobacco, which has a stronger sense of the throat.

  According to the national standard: lookah glass bongs industry has entered the reshuffle period

  The lookah glass bongs industry, which has "no product standards, no quality supervision and no safety rating", will now be completely reorganised under national standards.According to previous Reuters reports, the lookah glass bongs national standard has seven chapters, namely "scope, normative citations, terms and definitions, technical requirements, test methods, packaging, labelling, specifications, storage and transport", among which "technical requirements" and "packaging, labelling and specifications" are mandatory.This also demonstrates the importance of technology and standard specifications for the lookah glass bongs industry.

  The lookah seahorse national standard will be launched this year, which is a good thing for both the industry and consumers.The industry could eliminate a large number of manufacturers who do not strictly control the quality of their products. It would also be more conducive to standardization and transparency, and consumers could accept lookah seahorse more safely because of national standards, satisfying physical and mental needs in a more harmful way.

  The lookah seahorse national standard, dubbed "sword of Damocles" by some brands, will clean up 90% of the industry's speculative lookah seahorse brands without liability to consumers.National standards also provide a healthier, transparent, and standardized environment for brands based on technology, quality, and consumer experience.