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Can lookah quartz coil quit smoking? Look ah quartzcoin may not be able to quit smoking.

by linbin on May 26, 2020

  When selling lookah quartz coil, merchants will publicize that lookah quartz coil can quit smoking, and some people choose lookah quartz coil for the same reason. However, many people also said that lookah quartz coil cannot give up smoking and should not pay this IQ tax. Will it not save tobacco tax and impose an IQ tax?

  At first glance, lookah quartz coil and nicotine substitutes are similar.

  Nicotine substitute is a general term for some smoking cessation articles, which are mainly used for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive substance. People will give up smoking because they will have withdrawal reaction and feel uncomfortable.

  Nicotine patch is a proven smoking cessation tool. In Sherlock, Juan Fu used nicotine patches to refresh himself. Of course, his usage is wrong.

  If nicotine patch, nicotine chewing gum or nicotine spray are used to deliver nicotine to blood when quitting smoking, the withdrawal reaction of quitting smoking can be relieved and the success rate of quitting smoking can be improved.

  In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally recommended nicotine replacement therapy to all countries [1]. FDA has also approved at least four legal nicotine substitutes to assist in quitting smoking.

  Lookah quartz coil seems to be able to play such a role. in fact, WHO calls lookah quartz coil "electronic nicotine delivery system" and examines it together with other nicotine substitutes.

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  However, although lookah quartz coil is similar to nicotine replacement, the use of lookah quartz coil is similar to smoking in behavior, so it cannot be simply considered that lookah quartz coil can help stop smoking.

  Blue pill or red pill? The discussion on whether lookah quartz coil is harmful should be of a comparative type, and the background factors of cigarette harmfulness cannot be ignored. From the background, it is misleading to discuss whether loop ah quartzcoil is "absolutely harmless"

  The results of the study are not consistent as to whether lookah quartzcoin can help smoking cessation.

  For example, a paper published on JAMA in 2014 said that through longitudinal analysis of 949 smokers' twice-yearly online surveys, the success rate of quitting smoking by using lookah glass wholesale did not increase, nor did cigarette consumption decrease. However, at the same time, the author also said that the survey relied on personal oral reports and did not know enough about the usage, frequency and habits of the respondents, lookah glass wholesale.

  Other studies believe that lookah glass wholesale can help smokers quit smoking or reduce smoking.

  A meta-analysis study in 2016 showed that those who chose lookah glass wholesale to quit smoking had a 28% higher probability of successfully quitting than those who did not choose lookah glass wholesale.

  A recent study published in Cochran System Review Database found that lookah glass wholesale can help quit smoking and its effect is better than placebo effect.

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  "Three Silly" sophie turner was photographed going out with her boyfriend. The lookah glass wholesale she is using is called juul, an American popular lookah glass wholesale. Juul's popularity has troubled the U.S. health department as a large number of high school students have begun to try lookah glass wholesale.

  Another meta-analysis study in 2015 showed that smoking cessation was more likely with nicotine-containing smoke liquid than with nicotine-free smoke liquid. This shows that, to a certain extent, lookah quartz coil can indeed play a role in the traditional nicotine replacement therapy. The study even shows that lookah quartz coil is more successful than traditional nicotine replacement therapy and is easier for people to quit smoking (20% success rate vs. 10% success rate).

  In a study published in the Chinese Journal of Clinicians in 2015 entitled "Survey on the Use of lookah quartz coil by Smokers in Beijing", the author also said that lookah quartz coil can make smokers give up smoking or reduce smoking, and 47.1% of smokers said that smoking has decreased.

  From 2011 to 2017, the overall smoking rate in the UK declined, and the UK Ministry of Public Health believes that lookah quartz coil played an important role.

  The situation in the UK is relatively optimistic. In 2018, the British Ministry of Public Health published a blog saying that at least in the UK, lookah rig can help people quit smoking. More than half of Britain's 2.9 million lookah rig users quit smoking completely, and it is estimated that lookah rig will help another 20,000 people quit smoking every year. With the promotion of lookah quartz coil, the smoking rate in the UK has decreased year by year, reaching an all-time low of 15.5%, which is only higher than Sweden in the whole Europe.

  To be conservative, according to WHO's statement in 2014, the existing research is not sufficient to prove that the use of lookah rig can help completely break the habit of smoking, giving priority to the traditional nicotine therapy that has been proved effective.

  WHO also believes that although many people can't give up smoking completely, they still use two smoking guns, but because they smoke less, lookah rig can still be recommended to smokers.