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How does lookah bong look?Lookah bong is far safer than cigarettes, according to cancer research UK

by linbin on May 25, 2020


  Here, we must stress that lookah bongVAPE isn't completely harmless, just far less than traditional cigarettes, which is why it's called "harm-reducing smoke" abroad.

  How does lookah bong look?Better than nicotine replacement therapy

  Researchers at queen Mary university of London (QMUL) conducted a clinical trial on 86 people in the UK.The subjects were randomly assigned to receive nicotine replacement therapy for up to three months, or to receive lookah bong, which they were encouraged to purchase themselves.The study period was from May 2015 to February 2018 and was funded by the national institute of health research (NIHR).

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  The researchers found that the lookah glass bongs group had a success rate of 18 per cent after one year, but 80 per cent of the addicts were still using the lookah glass bongs.Nicotine replacement therapy group of subjects quit smoking success rate only nine.Nine percent of addicts are still using nicotine products.

  Lookah glass bongs because they are free of tobacco, tar and other carcinogens, experts see them as an effective way to stop smoking.Previous studies have shown that lookah glass bongs may help reduce the amount of smoke they smoke, or help them quit altogether, but studies have shown that lookah glass bongs are too high for teenagers.The us food and drug administration (FDA) calls it an "epidemic" of teenagers.

  As a result, regulators in the us, UK and elsewhere have yet to approve its sale as a smoking cessation tool.The lead author, Peter Hajek, a professor of clinical psychology at queen Mary university of London, noted that lookah bong has long been reluctant to be recommended by health experts and that the study could make a difference.

  Harman, a behavioural expert at Oxford University who was not involved in the study.Jamie hartmann-boyce, a spokesman for lookah glass for sale, commented that more research was needed to confirm the long-term effectiveness of lookah glass for sale, but experts generally agree that lookah glass for sale is less harmful than tobacco, and that switching to lookah glass for sale could have health benefits.