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Will lookah glass be a market by 2020?

by linbin on May 12, 2020


  Will lookah glass be a market by 2020?Lookah glass is already being heard, and some practitioners have lost confidence under tight supervision.

  Lookah glass2020

  Will there be a lookah glass market by 2020?Some people think it's a big market.

  Since its launch in 2004, the global market for lookah glass has been expanding, with lookah glass sales of about $24.7 billion in 2018. The number of users has grown rapidly from 7 million in 2011 to 40 million in 2018 and is expected to grow to 64 million in 2022, founder securities research reported.

  That's less than one in 10 of the world's smokers.According to the world health organization, there were 1.337 billion tobacco users worldwide in 2018.

  China has long been the world's largest tobacco country.Currently, there are 350 million smokers in China, who consume about 50 million boxes of cigarettes a year, accounting for 44 percent of the global total.But lookah glass penetration in China is just 0.6 per cent, compared with 13 per cent in the us, the world's largest consumer market for lookah glass.

  In the eyes of chief executive min Chen, the rapid expansion of the global glass bong king market, the increasing number of users and the low penetration rate in China are an important basis for validating lookah glass's potential for growth and long-term growth.

  To see whether the future development of an industry is good or bad, we can look at it from two perspectives.One is to see if the user is real.Is there demand for glass bong king?It's pretty much proven in the past, and that's why the industry has grown so quickly in the last few years.

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  "Another idea is to look at how the state regulates the industry," he said.At the moment, Europe is open, and the UK as a whole has the most friendly regulatory and public opinion on lookah glass.As for the United States, although a ban has been issued, in fact, the industry has not been completely strangled, just to avoid the use of products by minors.It banned only fruit and mint.Its goal is to close the system.Open the glass bong king and it's fine.

  In short, lookah glass has plenty of market potential and users have real needs.At the same time, the government proposed the regulation of an industry, which actually had a normative effect on the industry, and recognized the development of glass bong king industry.From both perspectives, the lookah glass industry is certainly in for a long run.

  Will lookah glass be a market by 2020?Some people think there is no market.

  1. Conclusion: no.

  2. The reasons: first, the policy for lookah glass has created a harmful to the environment, led to the general public will not take the initiative to understand lookah glass, followed by the network marketing policy restriction, the masses cannot easily understand eventually industry lookah glass products winter, almost is chaotic, it is difficult to expect chaotic era will become a peaceful and prosperous era."Stability is the prerequisite for development.Currently, the offline environment is very messy and difficult to support development.

  I have been engaged in foreign trade for a long time. From last year to this year, our foreign trade station has shrunk several times. It is impossible to go against the trend.

  Will there be a market for lookah seahorse coil in 2020?In the cold winter of lookah seahorse coil, some leave the market, others insist.In the eyes of advocates, regulation will only make the lookah seahorse coil industry more healthy, and among China's 350 million smokers, the low penetration of the lookah seahorse coil industry remains a huge opportunity.