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The lookah seahorse pro industry chain

by linbin on May 11, 2020

It's easy to say, based on the original meaning of "damage reduction," but it's not easy to actually do that.

  We are familiar with the iQOS not only after more than 10 years of research and development, but also obtained nearly 3,000 patents and applied for nearly 5,000 patents.

  So, really, lookah seahorse coil are not a "little toy."They are not low-tech, which is why the main products on the global market are basically from the world's tobacco giants.

  If we go back to atomized e-cigarette, its innovation mainly comes from the two indicators of atomizer and smoke oil. As mentioned above, domestic enterprises have completed the innovation and production of control circuit, battery and other hardware including atomizer, but there is a big gap between China and China in smoke oil.

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  E-tobacco industry chain diagram

  On the other hand, smoky oils are the key players in the field of e-cigarettes.The formula and proportion of smoky oils determine not only the taste of e-cigarettes, the sensation in the throat, the smoke substitutes, but also their harm to the human body, since cigarette oils are what smokers actually inhale into their lungs.

  If you want to explain the damage, it can be a professional and complex matter.

  But simply put, inhaling traditional tobacco smoke contains not only addictive nicotine, but also tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, nitrous acid and other substances that are burned at 800 degrees Celsius.In addition, it also contains more than 70 clumsy substances, all of which will bring people "refreshing", thus endangering human health.

  Of course, the most harmful is not nicotine, but tar, which is closely related to the incidence of lung cancer.That's why it says, "you don't smoke, you're smoking tar.

  The composition of water pipes online oil is relatively simple, generally speaking, only four kinds of propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine salt and spices, in addition to nicotine salt, propylene glycol, glycerin are basically food grade additives, more trouble is the spices, after all, a variety of spices are not safe.

  Then, a mixture of these four substances is heated to about 220 degrees Celsius in an e-cigarette and inhaled to achieve the neural stimulation of nicotine, stimulating the production of dopamine and recognizing the need to relieve the addiction.

  Heating non-combustion e-cigarettes works in a similar way, but at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.To get closer to the taste of traditional tobacco, most of them use artificial "leaf" that matches the taste of the tobacco.

  Thus, the safety of tobacco oil is almost the final word on the future fate of e-cigarettes, as it determines whether the logic of "harm reduction" works.

  However, according to some e-cigarette brands learned from local song.com, the vast majority of e-cigarettes are in the market and do not contribute much to the development of tobacco oil.

  Rather than work hard on the safety of tobacco oil, the bad businessmen, keen to make money, have created a series of marketing concepts, such as the so-called additive coffee, vitamins, collagen and other substances.

  Industry experts say vitamins do not dissolve in water, and the big molecules of collagen simply do not atomize.

  However, this state may be the status quo of e-cigarettes in China. Many enterprises are keen on making money quickly, which can be said to be a lack of social responsibility. This is also the reason for the collapse of e-cigarette brands in 2013-2014.

  But not all companies are like that.In fact, some leading lookah bongs companies are trying to innovate and build Chinese brands in the field of soot oil.

  Besides enterprises owned by China tobacco, there are also e-cigarette industrial chain enterprises such as McWeir, Bolton group, etc. At present, yuechi, the largest e-cigarette company in China, is a typical and outstanding representative.