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Major domestic cool lookah glass supply chain enterprises

by linbin on May 11, 2020

Yue carving patterns

  The most important thing in the world, said holmes, is not where we are today, but where we are going.

  'I've bought more than 20 water pipes for sale, but very few of them have satisfied me,' said ying wang, yuechi's founder and chief executive, referring to the original intention.Since no one can do it well, let's make one.

  She says it's like trying to catch a car in the cold.Then go to Uber!

  In less than two years since its establishment, it has captured 60% of the domestic market and is expected to reach 70% by the end of this year.It is a leader in branded e-cigarettes in China, with more than 500 employees and a valuation of more than $3 billion.
how to clean glass pipes and bongs

  What?"Let's be serious!"If wang ying told the song network, this is the secret of super success.

  During his visit to shenzhen, yuechao first visited the production line jointly built by orchestra pit and McWell.According to the highest food-grade dust-free workshop, the 20, 000-square-meter factory with nearly 4, 000 employees can produce 50 million smoke bombs a month.

  "Even so, there is still a shortage of yuetchi e-cigarettes," said wen yilong, a partner in charge of the supply chain.In 17 months, we've increased our capacity 160 times, but to go to 1,600 times, we have to give me some time.His stress is not small, the operating level of the company has become a normal workplace.

  In order to ensure the high growth of market size and realize the stability and reliability of products, yuechi has established a strictly controlled supply chain and quality management system, which is the reason for establishing the exclusive factory with McWeir.

  At present, the exclusive electronic cigarette factory is the largest atomized electronic cigarette factory in the world.

  What is more rare is that yuechi laboratory was initially established and is now the only lookah glass rig laboratory of a domestic e-cigarette brand, with an investment of more than 20 million yuan.

  Its task is to ensure that the key of the security and stability of the oil smoke Sir, depending on the laboratory, YueChi enterprise standard strictly, establish industry development electronic cigarette solutions, enterprise standards and the "electronic smoke release" is the earliest domestic electronic cigarette brand standard, and, more importantly, these ANFOR than internationally recognized standard strictly.

  "We are probably the most stringent standard for a tobacco company in the world, covering 16 major projects and 54 indicators," said jiang xingtao, director of research and development at yueyan tobacco oil.Six industry-university-research cooperation projects have been carried out in yuechi city, and the "safety assessment of extracellular cells in yuegg e-smog gas" has been completed. The conclusion is that the effect is very weak.At present, in cooperation with the Chinese academy of sciences, we are carrying out "research on the regulation of brain circuits and molecular mechanisms of nicotine addiction".

  "We don't add or label anything other than propylene glycol, glycerin, nikitan oil and spices," jiang said in response to questions about how to ensure the safety of the tobacco oil formula.Asked whether the raw materials would be contaminated by chemicals or other unknown elements after being heated at 220 degrees Celsius, jiang said the impact was small at the moment.Of course, orchestra pit is also working with relevant partners to strengthen this long-term clinical study.

  But jiang xingtao also pointed out, "according to our standard, more than 90 percent of domestic e-cigarette brands do not meet the standard!

  This is depressing and terrible news.

  That's why wang ying calls today's lookah glass bongs market a "dark moment."

  On our trip to shenzhen, we saw the importance that orchestra pit attaches to this.

  Wang said she would like to see more "serious" companies like yatchi enter the industry, which would help the tobacco industry and its one billion smokers.

  That's why she set a vision for yue, "a good drunkard, happy and carefree".

  In the future

  Throughout world history, there have been many stories about smoking bans.

  However, the process of people recognizing the harm of tobacco to human beings and starting to ban smoking is not far away.First of all, in the 1960s and 1980s, the anti-smoking movement represented by the United States and the United States led to the high distribution of smokers in less developed countries.

  Second, in 2005, the world health organization (who) formulated the framework convention on tobacco control, which has greatly promoted and reduced the harm of tobacco to human beings.

  It is this practice that has inspired tobacco giants around the world to innovate to reduce the dangers of e-cigarettes.Of course, the growing number of e-cigarette users is also an important reason that inspired the song network to write this article.

  The introduction of tobacco into the world, just as people discovered the history of food, dukang wine, shennong weibaicao and so on, originated from human curiosity and the birth of special scenes, but when people realized that the side effects of tobacco as a "food" far exceeded its contribution to human beings, of course, it needed to be controlled and banned.