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Five key issues to be aware of when using king glass bong safely

by linbin on May 22, 2020


  King glass bong has faced a lot of criticism over the course of more than a decade of development, most notably the potential safety issues associated with using king glass bong.In fact, as long as users can follow the instructions on each king glass bong, its security is still very safe.At the same time, there are still some details to be noted when using, carrying and storing king glass bong and related items.

  Pay attention to the proper placement of tobacco oil and watch out for excessive nicotine due to physical discomfort

  Being king glass bong fog after atomization, smoke oil can be used to relieve the user of addiction, but inhalation of nicotine can make users feel uncomfortable, especially excessive oil consumption of tobacco, and may even lead to poisoning, and the safety of the oil smoke cap is also designed to prevent this kind of situation, proper preservation and storage of oil smoke at the same time, also can prevent the oxidation of oil smoke.".

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  Broken skin, leakage or poor quality batteries can never be used, no fluke psychology

  Many jet water pipes players should be aware that jet water pipes devices will be shipped with a note card about battery safety, reminding users not to use damaged or leaky batteries, and poor quality batteries are not recommended.The choice of high quality battery can not only ensure the user's safety, but also enable the device to play the best output capacity.

  Carry jet water pipes device close or lock button to prevent misoperation of the switch

  Jet water pipes devices with solid buttons are easy to appear false contact ignition key when carried, and long-time ignition may cause the atomized core to burn or even overheat.The normal voltage regulating device can close or lock the button, and the mechanical bar can select the lock button or put the battery directly into the battery box for carrying.

  Pay attention to the problem of oil leakage from the sprayer when carrying it out, and deal with the oil leakage in time.

  Atomizer leakage usually flows out of the inlet at the bottom of the nozzle, and the smoke easily penetrates into the device from the device 510 interface, causing damage to the device or soaking the battery.When the atomizer leaks, it must be wiped to prevent this from happening.At the same time, the inlet of the atomizer can be completely closed when the oil storage and atomization device is used to reduce or even avoid oil leakage.

  In the case of non-competitive competition, glass bong China mechanical rod and atomizer do not need to pursue the limit state.

  Many mechanical rod players like the rapid explosion of mechanical rods and the powerful smoke extraction capabilities of the droplet atomizer in order to pursue more extreme experiences and try the lower drag of the atomizer core data.The frequent use of ultra-low resistance atomizing cores on mechanical rods can easily overload the battery, resulting in an even more dangerous situation of battery ironing.In fact, in terms of battery life, smoke consumption, etc., the daily use of mechanical rods and mist drops does not need to be equipped with too low resistance coils.

  Many security problems are caused by users' carelessness.In fact, a little attention can be paid to avoid these problems.Glass bong China, such as mobile phones and other electronic products, can be safely used as long as you follow instructions and pay attention to some details in daily use.