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Who sells lookah glass online?

by linbin on May 22, 2020

  Three groups started selling lookah glass for the first time.They were the first people to get their hands on lookah glass, who had previously sold a range of large cigarette products, often with their own specialty stores and "steam rooms" featuring various themes.One group came from the media, a group of people with a keen sense of wind direction who saw the potential of lookah glass in advance, such as Yooz, the founder of rhinoceros, who came from the media.There is also a group of agents who make fast-selling products such as white wine, drinks, mobile phones and other products.

  Before banning online sales on Nov. 1, domestic lookah glass brand seized on the gap in policy and sped up its embrace of horse racing.Due to the lack of control, all kinds of money and people flock to it, and the offline channels are mixed together.

  Night clubs, Internet cafes, convenience stores and digital stores are the terminal channels of chiu yiwu, founder and CEO of whale smoke.These channels can easily reach smokers and experience the scene, and the space is relatively closed, so mobile marketing is better.

  In the second half of 2018, lookah glass began to appear in prime locations in these stores, starting with nightclubs.Most of these products are disposable cigarettes with prices ranging from more than 10 yuan to dozens of yuan, which is the focus of lookah glass's early delivery and the intent of the education market.

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  Shop owners are intuitively aware of the explosive power of this new industry: lookah glass brands tend to shop for free first, with shopkeepers not having to pay, products on the shelves first and having to pay the next time they buy.As the number of lookah glass brands grows, competition for offline channels is growing.Free stores, subsidized merchandise, and entry fees began to become standard allocations.

  One investor focused on glass bongs from China told Burning Finance that mainstream single-use glass bongs from China now cost 150 to 250 yuan a month in convenience stores, large businesses 300 to 400 yuan a month and night clubs thousands to tens of thousands of yuan depending on their location.

  A founder of glass bongs from China, which works with bees, told Burning Finance that putting glass bongs from China on the shelves for bees will cost at least 500,000 yuan to get sku, entrance, booth, deposit, etc.In addition, at the time of supply, it must be ensured that the convenience bees have a 50% gross profit and a two-month recovery period.

  Competition from brands for channels raises the price of channels and attracts more players into the arena.

  In the second half of 2019, lookah glass brands compete for store layouts.The popular model in the industry is for individuals to apply to join, to be responsible for leasing stores, decorating, operating, lookah glass grass licensing and purchasing subsidies.This is equivalent to the brand side supporting individuals to join the store.

  Stores have lowered the bar for lookah glass, giving even inexperienced part-timers the chance to participate in offline sales of lookah glass.But in the race for access, economists are following suit.

  The lookah seahorse coil brand, famous for its high subsidies and market consumption, also began to promote its specialty stores this year.According to the snow home a franchise enterprise, the company opened a boutique, subsidies less than 15 square meters, 15,000 yuan, more than 15 square meters of subsidies more than 30,000 yuan.Purchase discount 60%, minimum purchase 30,000 yuan.At the same time, the snow home will also according to the purchase price to subsidize another 5,000 yuan.

  In the eyes of many in the industry, opening a store without considering the cost of subsidies is riskier.But the small bosses who joined didn't seem to mind, driving a little faster before they fell down, and even if they did fall down in the future, it would be a big deal for the company to do something else.""Said the franchisee.

  Qiu yiwu calculated an account, with the current industry brand in lookah seahorse coil boutique layout as an example, a shop monthly rent calculation of 8,000 yuan, staff salary of 5,000 yuan, the total fixed cost of about 15,000 yuan, in 50% of the gross profit rate, a shop monthly sales at least 30,000 yuan, can protect the capital.Of course, that doesn't include the decoration and marketing costs.