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Floating glass bong king and life

by linbin on May 11, 2020

I don't know when e-cigarettes were labeled as "stop smoking", "do no harm", "green and healthy smoking" and claimed to have the effect of "lung cleansing and detoxification".

  The CCTV reporter bought eight lookah glass oils from the market at random and sent them to a laboratory certified by Johns Hopkins university and the global tobacco control institute, according to the gala.Tests showed that e-cigarette smoke contained high levels of formaldehyde, as well as high levels of propylene glycol and glycerin.Propylene glycol can irritate the respiratory tract and cause acute symptoms, while formaldehyde is known to cause harm.

how to clean a glass bong without alcohol

  The Chinese center for disease control and prevention researcher XiaoLin tobacco control office said: "the difference of content of electronic cigarettes that sells on the market is very big, some brands of electronic cigarettes may even some of the harmful ingredients content higher than regular cigarettes," the Chinese center for disease control and prevention researcher XiaoLin tobacco control office said.While there is no definitive value to be given to the dangers of e-cigarettes, it is certainly true that there is no such thing as "no harm" or "green health" that companies advocate.

  However, even with the CCTV exposure, there is still support for lookah bongs on many platforms.One widely cited statement in favor of e-cigarette health was issued by the New England journal of medicine and public health England, which said: "in short, reasonable estimates suggest that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes.With the help of smoking cessation services, most smokers can be helped to quit completely.

  "There are a lot of individual cases in foreign countries regarding the assessment of e-cigarettes," he said.The study, conducted at UniversityCollege London, looked at three glass bottle controls: inhaling normal air, inhaling e-cigarettes and inhaling cigarettes to mimic the environment in the lungs.At the end of the experiment, the cotton balls inhaled from the cigarettes were visible to the naked eye to be covered in tar, while the cotton balls of the e-cigarettes were only wet.In the end, the conclusion is that cigarettes produce a lot of tar, and inhaling tar can lead to diseases such as stroke and cancer. E-cigarettes do not contain tar, so they are safer.

  This kind of experiment is too childish, "and" the process of argument is too strict."Hundreds of millions of people sent the experiment to graduate students at a university in Hong Kong.Many students said the study was too simple and its conclusions too arbitrary.

  The lancet, a leading academic journal, also objected to the studies:

  The number of studies and the number of research samples are so small that it is impossible to scientifically assess the health of users of e-cigarettes in just a few years.The dangers of e-cigarettes to human health need to be studied and the relevance of researchers' professionalism and interests questioned.

  The reason for the government's strong concern, however, is not the health of e-cigarettes, but their popularity among young people.

  A 2017 study from the university of Pittsburgh found that lookah glass bongs have an "entry level effect," with teens who use e-cigarettes four times more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes within 18 months than teens who don't use e-cigarettes.

  The university of Hong Kong conducted smoking statistics on campus two years ago, according to caixin.The results showed that 2,340 students in grades 4 through 6 had smoked e-cigarettes, while 29,400 had smoked e-cigarettes and 2,770 were high school students who had used e-cigarettes.E-cigarettes, in the name of low harm, make young people think their "trial-and-error costs" are low.The fear that e-cigarettes could become a springboard for teenage smoking is not without its meaning.

  E-cigarettes, which can swallow clouds and smoke, are popular among young people.You see a lot of e-cigarette videos being imitated by young people on micro blogs and bean printing.Many users left comments like "very cool" and "this is so cool" in the video, as well as @their own friends.(douyin now blocks e-cigarette videos.) now "big tobacco" and "fancy cigarette rings" have become fashionable, and more e-cigarette experience stores are opening across the city.When e-cigarettes become an attitude to life for young people, they see the role, like skateboarding and video games, as a way to socialize.