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Lookah glass bong review industry future development game

by linbin on May 22, 2020

  In recent months, the lookah glass bong review industry has seen a number of blowups.Global lockdown, giant investigation, shenzhen has issued fines.The lookah glass bong review industry is at the forefront.What's the reaction?

  As you can see, there are basically two voices in the lookah glass bong review space, one for and one against.Supporters argue that lookah glass bong review is indeed much less harmful than real cigarettes, while opponents argue that lookah glass bong review is more harmful.

  Lookah glass bong review has been growing in the us for more than a decade, with negative events concentrated in recent months.On the other hand, if lookah glass bong review was so harmful, they should have been banned a few years ago, but they weren't.Exploring the ultimate cause still requires objective and real data analysis, but it should influence China's policies, such as only allowing the sale of tobacco and mint flavors, which can reduce the harm to teenagers, which is a good thing from this perspective.

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  In the case of tobacco oil, the lookah glass bong review program will prohibit the use of substances with special functions, such as claiming health benefits, increasing energy or reducing harm, to meet the requirements of the national tobacco additive food safety standard, according to the national standard program's approval.In addition, the concentration of nicotine in the tobacco liquid, at 2 mg, will be specified.Many brands have exceeded this value, and from the point of view of products, national standards are also a good thing to standardize brands.

  Lookah glass bong review is a running track that will evolve in the direction of brand development in the future.

  Lookah bongs is a long distance trajectory and the future of the lookah bongs will be the direction of development of the brand, both from the product and from the industry, which has not yet been finalized.While the influx of money has helped the industry grow and made many people aware of it, most people don't know the core of the industry, especially the direction it is going.

  The technology iteration and development of lookah bongs are particularly evident this year due to the influx of funds.The money helps the industry bring in a lot of marketing talent and make a difference, but it also helps with technological advancements, such as the structure of the smokescreen, which hasn't changed in years, and many brands now hire engineers to develop and improve it.

  You have the technology of the future.

  "No matter how fast the development is, until the country regulates the development of the industry, the development is limited, more funds are afraid to enter, the real big guns have not yet entered. They have to wait until the policy is clear and the lookah bongs are defined as a specific category. It is time to look."Then the market will be fair and whoever owns the technology will control the future."Even if the money comes from rolling technology, technology is a form of capital.

  Lookah glass bong review is arguably in the hands of high tech and assembly marginal products. One sees lookah glass bong review as a high tech product, and the other sees lookah glass bong review as just an assembly product, with the core technology in the hands of sprayer manufacturers and gasoline dealers.Tobacco dealers cannot do lookah glass bong review well because it does not know the hardware technology, and atomizer manufacturers cannot do lookah glass bong review well because it does not know the core of the gas dealers.

  In order to achieve the best taste and experience, both technologies can be combined to the best, electronic solution + structure + materials + cigarette oil can be fully utilized to achieve the best taste and experience.This match should be a match, not a match, which is why lookah glass bong review has become a brand in the future.Each product should have its own positioning and matching, and should not feel as it does now, which is the most dangerous.

  Domestic lookah dab rig brand and channel suppliers are also constantly exploring, constantly paving the way, the collision between various combination structures, the future development of lookah dab rig industry will be a big game.