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Trapped jet water pipes!Many people don't know about this mistake.

by linbin on May 22, 2020

  Beijing daxing international airport police station received a report from a united airlines flight that two passengers were jet water pipes in their seats while taxiing between Shanghai and Beijing.After investigation, the police punished the two passengers according to law.

glass water pipes

  Two passengers were detained for smoking on board the plane.After a preliminary investigation, yan and liu claimed to know that they could not smoke during the flight, but mistakenly thought they could smoke during the taxi, so they took the flight and smoked in their seats.

  During questioning, the two men confessed to the illegal act.

  According to the police, the public security organs on the plane smoke lookah glass for sale, to determine the public transport vehicles disturbing the order, can be more than five days of administrative detention and less than 10 days of a fine of more than 500 yuan.As a result, yan and liu were detained for seven days respectively.

  Police caution: no lookah glass for sale on board.So why can't you lookah glass for sale on the plane?According to the Beijing capital airport public security bureau, due to the unclear classification of jet water pipes, the use of standards is not mature, and many lookah glass for sale have sales, claiming that under any circumstances can smoke jet water pipes, misleading many jet water pipes users.

  According to the police, there is a safety hazard in the plane to smoke water pipes online.

  One is that the cabin is a closed environment, smoking on the plane may pollute the environment;Second, the batteries of water pipes online will get hot when smoking, which is easy to cause fire or explosion.In addition, the smoke sensing system on the plane is very sensitive, thus triggering the smoke sensing system alarm, which brings great inconvenience to the operation of the plane.