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The latest trend of lookah seahorse coil regulation in 2019

by linbin on May 22, 2020


  At present, China is regulating the lookah seahorse coil market and establishing a healthy and standardized lookah seahorse coil environment.The United States, India and the European Union have issued or are preparing to issue corresponding regulatory policies, so what is the regulatory trend of China's lookah seahorse coil environment?


  On sept 20, 2019, the state tobacco monopoly administration also cited the tobacco monopoly law in response to netizens' questions about whether lookah bong needs to be approved for production.(I don't know the answers mentioned lookah bong is end oil lookah bong or like HNB heating incombustible new tobacco IQO) 𞓜

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  .In fact, the so-called lookah seahorse coil manufacturing license merely acknowledges that the lookah seahorse coil brand sells the lookah seahorse coil.The real manufacture of various lookah seahorse coil brands in the Chinese market has been entrusted to the agent factory, and 90% of the lookah seahorse coil is completed by several factories in shenzhen.

  The national standard, lookah seahorse coil, is scheduled to be launched in October 2017 and is expected to be released in October 2019.In the case of cigarette oils, the standard program is expected to prohibit the use of substances that claim to be beneficial to health, increase energy or reduce harm, according to the national standard program approval of the lookah seahorse coil., cigarette oil additive food safety standards should meet the requirements.In addition, the concentration of nicotine in the tobacco solution will be determined at 20mg/ml.

  According to the approval draft of water pipes for sale, in the future, the identification of water pipes for sale products will clearly indicate that warning words and warning graphic symbols of danger prohibited from selling to minors are from the same point of view: at present, the environment of water pipes for sale will gradually move towards standardization and institutionalization under the supervision of the state, market and industry.Only by adhering to the industry's bottom line, production mode and brand mode, can we sail forward in the fierce industry competition.