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Ice and fire of pocket lookah seahorse

by linbin on May 11, 2020

In China, the market size is even larger.According to tianfeng securities, there are currently 320 million smokers in China.According to 20 per cent of e-cigarette consumers in Europe and the us, China's e-cigarette market will be close to 70 million (currently less than 1 per cent in China).

  In addition, lookah glass for sale will also face a broader space for growth.In 2018, the percentage of high school students using e-cigarettes rose sharply from 11.In 2017 it was 7 per cent to 20 per cent.That's 8 percent, according to caixin.China is no exception.Even if selling e-cigarettes to minors is banned, minors can buy a variety of e-cigarettes on taobao.com, while fruit-flavored e-cigarettes have been found to be sold before primary school in places like jiangxi, hubei and guangxi.Value or not, we have to admit that the market for e-cigarettes is much larger than we think.

  For a long time, there has been a lot of controversy over e-cigarettes, but the CCTV 315 party has once again ignited public opinion.This year's CCTV 315 party exposed the addiction of e-cigarettes, the long-term smoking of e-cigarettes can also cause a dependence on nicotine, e-cigarettes can also release harmful substances, posing a threat to health.

  As electronic fireworks spread around the world, bans were common.The United States has announced restrictions on the sale of "sweet" e-cigarettes.Thailand has banned e-cigarettes.It is illegal to carry, use and sell e-cigarettes.As of November 2018, 98 countries and regions had regulations regulating the production and sale of e-cigarettes, according to the global tobacco control institute.

  Similarly, e-cigarettes are regulated in some parts of China.In October 2018, Hong Kong banned the sale of e-cigarettes altogether.In January 2019, hangzhou included e-cigarettes in the scope of cigarette control.Shenzhen plans to ban e-cigarettes.Zhang jianshu, President of the Beijing tobacco control association, called for e-cigarettes to be included in Beijing's strictest tobacco control regulations.

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  At the time, I thought it would all come to an end.It's like death.Wang meng, an e-cigarette owner in the high-end nanshan district of shenzhen, told me he was worried when he heard about the exposure of the e-cigarette at the 315 party.My store has only been open for a few days, and millions of people have walked into it. If I float away, I want to die."Mr. Wang recently signed a contract with a beijing-based brand to sell e-cigarettes in shenzhen.If the lookah glass bongs at the 315 party are banned, almost all the previous investment will go down the drain.

  After watching the 315 party, wang meng's spirit suspended stone fell down.The point of the report is that e-cigarettes can be just as harmful to the body and consumers can treat them with caution.Wang meng thinks that's fine, as long as smoking is bad for your health, but consumers know that e-cigarettes are at least healthier than cigarettes.

  But not everyone shares wang's optimism.Li, who has been selling e-cigarettes for more than five years, told me that over the past decade, after the 315 party, business at his store was down 60 percent.Being called by 315 people must have had an impact.Young people who just want to play e-cigarettes hear about the impact on their health, so they buy less.

  In fact, shenzhen's e-cigarette market was not easy to achieve before it was named 315.Li zhe told you.Competition is becoming more intense, and for e-cigarette offline stores, e-commerce is having the biggest impact.Our prices are higher than taobao's, but the quality control is certainly much better than taobao's e-cigarettes."There are two or three hundred yuan on taobao.com, and I have also smoked cigarettes. Neither the taste nor the quality of use can satisfy us old smokers.In li's opinion, taobao's low-cost e-cigarettes do attract many young people, but as they get older, young people will choose better, tastier and more expensive e-cigarettes.

  "The circle of e-cigarettes is so small that they can't do it," li said. "I already know that.""There are a lot of e-cigarette shops in shenzhen, but most of them are not qualified. They only sell three products."Shenzhen produces more e-cigarettes than any other city in the world, so it's fair to say that e-cigarettes are popping up everywhere, even at stalls next to vegetable markets."The poor taste and quality of these lookah bongs brought a bad experience to the new e-cigarette, and then passed it on ten or ten times. Everyone thought e-cigarettes were bad, and fewer people wanted to smoke them.

  I think it's too bad it's called an e-cigarette."Li zhe believes that the 315 party will push the e-cigarette industry to become more standardized, close the three blank manufacturers, strictly enter the market, so as to make the e-cigarette industry healthy development.