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What's the reason for banning lookah seahorse pro?

by linbin on May 21, 2020

  I'm sure a lot of people have some understanding of lookah seahorse pro. After all, it was a long time ago, so it's too cold now?On many shopping apps, lookah seahorse pro is not searchable because many have concluded that lookah seahorse pro has many drawbacks.

  Key words for lookah seahorse pro: lookah seahorse pro, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, carcinogen, formaldehyde, nicotine.

  "On November 1, 2019, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the state administration of market supervision jointly released an online AD for lookah seahorse pro grass, suspending sales and urging lookah seahorse pro grass products to be removed from shelves in a timely manner," chinanews.com reported.In the past, many people thought it was an alternative to tobacco.Why is this lookah seahorse pro grass suddenly "banned" in so many countries around the world?In fact, since the launch of lookah seahorse pro, many health issues have been hidden.
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  Most of the world's lookah seahorse pro is now made in China, but you may not be familiar with it.This type of smoking claims to have no adverse effect on human health, but the "quit smoking handicraft" can "clear the lung", but in fact the safety has not been effectively proved, the harm is obvious, so it is not a loss.

  Lookah seahorse pro grass still harms the respiratory system and can cause lung cancer.

  All lookah seahorse pro grass doesn't necessarily contain nicotine, but inhaling many other toxic compounds doesn't make it any safer than tobacco.So lookah seahorse pro is just as harmful as passive smoking.

  Lookah bongs, like tobacco, can damage the arteries and heart.

  In addition to lung disease, lookah bongs, like cigarettes, also damage the arteries and are bad for heart health.So don't assume that lookah bongs are safer or healthier than cigarettes.

  Lookah bongs grass also causes cancer.

  Lookah seahorse pro grass, compared to tobacco, contains not only nicotine and other harmful substances, but also formaldehyde and other chemicals, which are then added with diacetyl and other flavoring, which can be very dangerous and carcinogenic when inhaled.

  4. Lookah seahorse pro makes you think it's harmless, and you're smoking more.

  Many people know that smoking is harmful to their health, so they will remind them to smoke less.However, if you advocate the safe lookah seahorse pro, you'll think it's really harmless, so you're accidentally smoking a lot of cigarettes, which is damaging to your health.

  5. Lookah glass bongs, you can't help but quit smoking, which can prevent you from actually quitting.

  Because it is difficult to quit smoking, some people want to quit step by step through lookah glass bongs, but it is useless.Lookah glass bongs are also toxic.If you want to give up smoking, make up your mind and do as you wish.Lookah glass bongs will not help you.