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Lookah glass is healthier than smoking for a reason.

by linbin on May 19, 2020


  Now people who smoke a lot, especially some young and middle-aged, the two are a lot of people smoking age, smoking has a great influence on our health, many people are consciously, and began slowly to give up smoking, but quit feeling truly is not much, the number of people to quit smoking is not much, what to do, now there is a lookah glass will not affect the health of people, opening the door is substantially increased sales."Some people find lookah glass healthier than smoking.Why?"E-cigarette agents come to give you a detailed introduction:"

  Lookah glass agent

  Why do people smoke?A cigarette can make people forget and allay their worries.

  Since the advent of lookah glass, lookah glass has been a good mimic of the look and effect of cigarettes and is widely loved by smokers.The dangers of smoking are well known and have come to a conclusion.Is lookah glass as harmful as smoking?

  To answer this question, we must first compare the ingredients of lookah glass with those of tobacco and tobacco.

  Take the smoke composition of lglass bong king as an example, among which 60% is propylene glycol solvent, 35% is glycerin solvent, 1.6% is nicotine, and the remaining 3.4% is a mixture of various spices.

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  Nicotine: contains less than or equal to the amount of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes (according to the amount of nicotine in the cigarette smoke labeled by the cigarette). Nicotine, also known as nicotine, is a clear, colorless, oily, volatile liquid that is toxic and irritating.

  Nicotine is the main source of addiction.It can make smokers feel soft and happy.When nicotine falls below a stable level in plasma, smokers feel irritable, uncomfortable, nauseous, have headaches, and crave cigarettes to replenish nicotine.

  Brazil has aromas of grass, flower, and orange blossom oil, used in a variety of everyday chemical spice recipes.The affinity between carbon monoxide and hemoglobin is 250 times greater than that between oxygen.As people breathe in more carbon monoxide, the carbon monoxide and hemoglobin bind to form large amounts of carbon hemoglobin, which is greatly reduced by oxidative hemoglobin, starving tissues and organs of oxygen and causing damage to various organs, including the brain and heart.The content of carbonated hemoglobin in smokers is as high as 15% or less than 20%.

  Menthol is an aromatic coolant derived from peppermint oil.It tastes of mint.It is commonly used in toothpaste, food and other tobacco tar.It is a brown sticky resin, commonly known as "tobacco oil".Cigarette tar contains a variety of carcinogens that can attach to the surface of a smoker's windpipe, bronchus and alveoli, causing physical and chemical irritation that impairs the body's ability to breathe.

  The study found that glass bong king is harmful to health

  Strawberry acid has the sweet and sour taste of fresh fruit, and can be used in the edible flavor of various fruits. It plays a synergistic role in the aroma and can also be used in the flavor of cigarettes.Benzo pyrene is a strong carcinogen.Benzo pyrene in cigarettes is inhaled directly by smokers or diffused indoors in very high concentrations.When you burn a pack of cigarettes, 0.24-0 can produce 28 micrograms of benzo pyrene.Some studies show that for every additional 1 living g/1000 cubic meters of benzo pyrene in the atmosphere, the incidence of lung cancer increases by 5 to 15 percent.

  Menthol acetate has a soft, delicate and pungent aroma of mint and rose, used as a spice.Tobacco smoke is an irritating compound that contains a variety of irritating compounds that can damage the bronchial mucosa, impair the function of alveolar macrophages, and make the lungs and bronchi susceptible to infection.

  Sweetener and wetting agent commonly used in glycerin food processing industry.Hazardous metals tobacco contains arsenic, mercury, cadmium, nickel and other hazardous metals.

  Propylene glycol has a good viscosity and moisture absorption, non-toxic, widely used in the food and cosmetics industry as a moisturizer, antifreeze, lubricant and solvent.Other harmful substances tobacco still contains many harmful ingredients.

  As can be seen from the table above, most of the harmful substances in cigarettes come from the toxic smoke produced by the burning of tobacco.Lookah glass works by atomizing a smoky liquid.Lookah glass smoke contains no harmful substances other than a very small amount of nicotine and does not cause second-hand smoke to others.

  As a result, scientific studies have shown that the compound in lookah seahorse coil is 1,000 times more toxic to humans than tobacco.So smoking is healthier than smoking, and the lookah seahorse coil is much less harmful than cigarettes.

  Of course, smoking is bad for your health.If the use of the lookah seahorse coil can gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine in the smoke solution and overcome the dependence on nicotine, then the lookah seahorse coil is also a good tool to help you quit smoking.