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Use the seahorse lookah of coils are suggested to improve seahorse lookah coils!

by linbin on May 19, 2020

  Seahorse lookah coils user suggestion!Seahorse lookah coils are used in many places, we also to seahorse lookah coils have a understanding!Seahorse lookah coils is a lot of more phyletic, the taste is very much also.Anyone who has used them knows.What are the drawbacks with seahorse lookah coils?Many use seahorse lookah coils to give us feedback, some problems and suggested that we should improve.The seahorse lookah coils agent chamber of commerce to give you some advice: as seahorse lookah coils to the development of today, to say the original appearance and earth-shaking changes have taken place in the performance.High power, temperature control, large screen, transparent, box, integrated seahorse lookah coils court, each has its own characteristics.About the seahorse lookah coils, netizens gave some Suggestions.
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  1. Almost all lookah bongs are made of metal tubes, mainly atomizers.Currently, they are all integrated atomizers.After using it for a while, they felt a little dirty.Pure metal stainless steel without stickers tastes bad and the teeth are uncomfortable.It is recommended to use wood or other materials to make a wood inside and outside.It is recommended to put a sponge cover around the cigarette holder.I can't keep biting it.Is too slippery.

  Lookah bongs should be as light as possible, too heavy!It's hard to carry!We don't care about battery durability.Whether you have a battery or not.In any case, they are easy to install.

  3. Push your test kit and don't hide it.Anyway, I'm sick of it!The most important thing is almost forget, do not carry passengers, the price of lookah bongs should be reasonable, the hardcover version not so many people use.These days, I have been smoking 6mg of strawberry lookah bongs, which is delicious and comfortable!Coffee 6 mg, vanilla 6 mg, blueberry 6 mg is not bad, like 6 mg, a little smoke will not choke.Yes, smoking is more comfortable than that kind of cigarette!

  4. Lookah quartz coil atomization has always been a problem: there is a burning smell and occasional liquid leakage.The atomizer needs improvement.It is now an integrated atomizer.The quantity of refueling must be standard to prevent oil from leaking.If you add too much oil, it will leak.If the hole in the middle is filled with too much oil, it will leak.None of this would have happened if standard oil had been added!

  The above improvements and upgrades of lookah quartz coil are for reference only, because netizens have different qualifications.In brief, the development direction of lookah quartz coil is mainly taste and smoke, multi-function and humanized design.