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Six reasons why the lookah seahorse spray spray leaked?Do you know how many people use lookah seahorse?

by linbin on May 19, 2020

  Lookah seahorse sprayer leaks oil for six reasons!Lookah seahorse is much more common in this day and age, and people are very concerned about our health due to advances in technology, so what do you know about our lookah seahorse?It's like a lookah seahorse fogger leak, you know?Probably a lot of people don't understand it!You know what caused the lookah seahorse fog atomizer to leak, so let's take a look:

  Let's start with a complete lack of oil in the sprayer.From the first point, there are usually six reasons why finished atomizers leak.

  1. Moisturize the core

  (1) some small partners are very anxious and careless in moistening the core.If the oil guide cotton in the core can absorb 10 drops of smoke oil immediately and add 10 drops of smoke oil to the core, the core will not be able to absorb so much smoke oil in an instant, and the unabsorbed smoke oil will surely flow to the bottom before leaking along the inlet.

  (2) another natural condition is to add too much fumigation oil.At first, a core can store only 10 drops of soot.Moisten the core with 20 drops of soybean oil.The core oil guide cotton is saturated and if it cannot be absorbed, it will naturally leak.

  (3) the moisturizing core is to drop soot oil on the oil-conducting cotton. If the principle is not clear, those who have just been exposed to steam smoke will directly add the smog oil to the middle of the core, and the smog oil will flow directly to the bottom, resulting in oil leakage.

  2. Use of sprayers

  (1) when some friends see others using a drip sprayer, they will start a fire and emit a little smoke. They will learn to emit some smoke out of control.When blown into the core of the finished product, the internal airflow is driven by strength, or the pressure balance in and out of the tank is destroyed.When blown in at this time, large particles of smoke, existing condensate, and more exhaust fumes that are still present in the core may be blown out of the ignition (and this is a problem in many finished cores because the core itself does not work).
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  (2) inhale the whole lookah glass wholesale atomizer.When confronted with an atomizer core with weak oil lock capacity, a few mouthpieces can "drink" a puff of smoke oil, which is not heated to atomize the original flavor, resulting in a waste of hours of smoke, inhaling a puff of smoke oil is even more disturbing.

  3. Nozzle sealing rubber ring and joint

  Whether our lookah glass wholesale atomizer is finished or another type of lookah glass wholesale atomizer, there is basically an apron on the joint.One of the basic functions of this apron is to seal it.If these rings are damaged or improperly placed, they will not seal.Metal seal alone is difficult to completely seal, smoke and oil naturally can not be kept calm.There is a leak gap in the soot oil in the bunker, so it is inevitable that there will be a leak, especially after entering the bunker, the oil pressure in the bunker is higher and the situation is more obvious.

  4. Long-term settlement

  If lookah glass wholesale has soot in it, you'll find a stack of it sitting there for a long time.Especially when the amount of smoke oil, lookah glass wholesale atomization core oil lock force is poor.If there is smoky oil in the tank, there will be external pressure.If you stay in the tank for a long time, a small amount of the smoky oil will leak out and eventually escape through the bottom or inlet air.

  5. Difference in the consistency of tobacco oil

  Excessive thinness of carbon black oil (we usually say high PG content) sometimes leads to minor oil leakage.This depends on the wick's locking oil.This situation can be largely avoided by a good oil - locking wick.The oil wick with poor locking capacity will leak some serious oil when it encounters a high liquid oil wick.

  Lookah seahorse agent

  6. Inside the atomizing core

  The main results are as follows :(1) when the atomized core leaves the factory, it has defects due to installation or technical problems, especially the problem of oil-filled guide cotton, which may lead to oil leakage.Because the processed core is difficult to adjust, the oil leakage is weak (above is a man-made defect caused by oil-conducting cotton).

  (2) cotton coated in lookah glass dab rig spray core has been working for a long time.The oil-conducting cotton beside the electric heating wire is easy to pass carbonization combustion under the condition of low oil conductivity carbon deposition, which affects the oil storage capacity and oil conductivity oil locking capacity.A slight oil spill occurred and flowed to the bottom of the nozzle (this is a core dry combustion diagram made under conditions of artificial violence and no oil conduction).

  If the sprayer purrs or even sucks it into your mouth, it can be uncomfortable in terms of experience and suction. Of course, we need to have a good suction experience, because finished lookah glass dab rig and most DIY sprayers can basically restore a good experience by paying attention to the following.