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Detect and repair oil leaks from common glass bong king sprayers!

by linbin on May 19, 2020

  Detect and repair leaking glass bong king sprayer!"Glass bong king is used by many of us, and its advantages are health and easy to carry. However, some people find out the reason for the leakage of glass bong king atomizer in the process of using it.In the last article, "glass bong king tells you the six reasons why glass bong king sprayers leak oil?Do you know how many people use glass bong king?"As we have already told you, let's take a closer look at the detection and repair of oil leakage from the glass bong king sprayer.If such problems arise, we must address them and address them:?

  1. Review external factors

  It is easy to find out why the glass bong king sprayer is broken overall, such as the damage to the glass warehouse, not to mention the damage.
glass pipes
  The sealing rubber ring is arranged on the metal joint of the complete electronic fumigation core, and the sealing rubber ring is completely installed in the designed card slot to ensure the overall sealing performance of the nozzle and prevent the leakage of smoke oil from the joint.

  If there is oil leakage, the sealing rubber ring on the electronic atomizing core can be checked for falling off.In general, if the sealing ring falls off, the oil leakage will be more serious, because it is difficult to seal the joint with a single metal thread, the sealing ring is needed to complete the sealing, and there will be no oil leakage.

  If the seal rubber ring is damaged, check to see if the rubber ring at the lo lookah glass mist mist connection point is damaged (the rubber ring in the picture has been exaggerated due to human interference).In general, lo lookah glass mist sprayer will be equipped with spare parts for replacement and decisively replacement of new sealing rings.If the rubber ring in the core is damaged, it can only be replaced by robbing other rubber rings of the same kind (please ignore this bad idea).When you first assemble the sprayer, you can wet the lighter oil on the rubber ring.If it is too dry, it will do great damage to the rubber ring.

  2. Internal core inspection

  If the lo lookah glass mist sprayer leaks and the above problem has been resolved, the tank and core shall be removed.At this point, if there is too much soot in the core, a small paper towel can be inserted into the core to absorb the excess soot oil.The most important thing is to dry the electrode with excess fumes or condensate to keep the wick dry.

  For the core with anti-extrusion net, try to control the number of paper towels, try not to damage the integrity of the core.The core can also be placed back on the base, ignited and evaporated with excess glass bong king oil on the core.

  Usually, whether it's condensed or leaked, it ends up at the bottom.The more water that comes out of the intake, the more it can clean the substrate, which is a crucial step.

  Generally speaking, lo lookah glass atomizer common oil leakage problem is only to pay attention to the way of refueling, it is best not to add too much oil, regularly clean the electronic atomizer flue and base, regularly check the atomizer core and oil tank connection of the sealing rubber ring, pay attention to the attitude of the oil tank.The "blowout" of the finished electronic atomizer is also the key to oil leakage.For finished products, the structure will not be very complex, so it is easy to solve, and there will not be too much attention, after all, it will save a lot of trouble.

  With heavy use, the lookah bong atomizer's oil leaks can be largely resolved.When the electronic atomizer is of high quality due to its quality, oil leakage is relatively small.