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Smoking health - are you aware of the problem of e-cigarette oil processing?

by linbin on May 19, 2020

  You don't know that.Come and see!The use of cigarette oil is common in e-cigarettes.The safety of cigarette oil depends on two aspects, one is the production environment, the other is the raw material.If there are problems in these two aspects, it will seriously affect our health and safety.Do you want to know more about how manufacturers deal with the soot problem?Now let's take a closer look at the health and safety concerns of users of jet water pipes.Especially for directly imported tobacco oil, people are more concerned about the impact of the raw material, production environment and production process of tobacco oil on the quality of tobacco oil, and whether it will cause harm to human body after inhalation.
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  There are two main factors affecting the safety of tobacco oil: 1. Production environment 2. Raw materials generally speaking, fake tobacco oil lacks judicial supervision and control, and the sanitary conditions and environment of production are very bad.We can imagine the extent of exposure in other industries, such as the food industry.

  Without a good production environment, tobacco oil can be contaminated with bacteria and foreign bodies.It's best to mix oil at home.

  Since it is a fake lookah snail oil, the profit is always the target of the counterfeiter, so the counterfeiter will do everything possible to reduce the cost and increase the profit.

  Common is some fake milk flavored cigarette oil.In order to obtain a more fragrant frankincense, some manufacturers use chemicals such as diacetyl to imitate the real frankincense and the creamy lookah snail oil.

  Long-term use of lookah snail oil can cause serious damage to the body.For example, everyone's fear of popcorn lungs is due to the addition of diacetyl to cigarette oil.

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  Other additives can also cause edema, atrophy, skin irritation and malnutrition.

  Lookah glass bongs products currently lack relevant laws and standards for environmental regulation.The quality of cigarette oil can only depend on the responsibility of the manufacturer and the determination of long-term development.