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Medical agencies confirm lookah glass can stop smoking!The odds of quitting are still high!

by linbin on May 19, 2020

  Medical agencies confirm lookah glass can stop smoking!The odds of quitting are still high!Smoking, which is now banned in many places, you know?Middle school editor, there are a lot of students are smoking, a lot of students go to the toilet to smoke in class, it is really harmful to health, and very addictive."Speaking of which, as a matter of fact, many people now have the habit of smoking.How can we stop smoking?The following e-cigarette resellers tell you that lookah glass can stop smoking, according to research!

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  There is no evidence that lookah glass affects people's chances of quitting smoking.It will only increase the success rate of smokers who want to quit."Studies show that lookah glass can help smokers quit without short - and medium-term side effects.The study comes from the Cochran collaboration, a medical research team that says it has found evidence.

  Lookah glass is becoming more and more popular due to fashion and pollution.Lookah glass is used by about two million smokers in the United States alone.But lookah glass is also controversial.People questioned the safety of lookah glass, fearing it could be harmful to their health.It may also have a negative impact on smoking cessation services.
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  "From the limited information available, we know that lookah glass, which contains nicotine, can help smokers to kick the habit," said jamie hartman-boyce.She's from Oxford University and one of the co-authors of cochran's study on smoking cessation."In terms of short - and medium-term data, lookah glass has no serious side effects," she added.

  This is consistent with the results of cochran's first study in 2014.

  After conducting two randomised controlled trials with more than 660 people, they found that lookah bong containing nicotine increased a smoker's chances of quitting: 9 per cent of smokers were able to quit at least six months;Only 4% of non-nicotine smokers could lookah bong.However, it is unclear whether lookah bong is more effective than other methods such as nicotine patches.

  Cochran conducted 11 studies, but no randomized controlled trials.Cochran says lookah bong hasn't had any serious side effects in more than two years.The real good news about this study is that more relevant research is under way.""I hope there will be more research in the coming years to support our findings," hartman-boyce said.

  The study is consistent with a study published in the British medical journal.Both believe lookah glass can improve smokers' chances of quitting.

  The BMJ study involved 170,490 people over the age of 16 in the UK, 23 percent of whom used to smoke and 21 percent of whom still do.The study also analysed data from the NHS smoking cessation service, which includes more than eight million smokers.

  "We estimate that about 580 out of every 10,000 smokers will successfully quit, and those people will not be able to quit in any other way," said RobertWest, professor of health psychology at university college London and co-author of the study.The researchers estimate that lookah glass helped 18,000 smokers quit in 2015 alone.In addition, they think lookah glass could be reduced nicotine replacement. However, they added that there is no clear evidence that lookah glass can encourage smokers to quit smoking, although lookah glass in a certain extent, reduce the benefits of smoking cessation service industry, but it is unable to estimate lookah glass of nicotine replacement therapy and the effects of smoking cessation services.

  There is no evidence that lookah glass affects people's chances of quitting smoking.This will only increase the success rate of smokers who want to quit.JohnBrighton, director of the tobacco and alcohol research centre at the university of Nottingham, said there were several reasons for the decline in demand for smoking cessation services, including a reduction in media campaigns and the introduction of smoking cessation services to local authorities."Due to changes in funding for public health services, smoking cessation services have declined dramatically," he said.

  Lookah glass agent

  Meanwhile, blyton cautioned that cochran's study was based on earlier lookah seahorse coil, which contains small amounts of nicotine, and he believes the new product could improve the effectiveness of quitting smoking."There is no doubt that smoking is harmful to health," he said.If you can't quit, but you can accept another form of nicotine, that's fine.The end result we'd like to see is that smokers try lookah seahorse coil and quit completely as soon as possible.".