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For novel coronavirus, it is a better idea to avoid lookah bongs for the time being, doctors suggest.

by linbin on May 09, 2020

  As the coronavirus epidemic continues to rage around the world, scientists are looking for factors that could exacerbate the spread of the virus and the diseases it causes.We know that people with weakened immune systems and the elderly are at higher risk, but researchers are turning their attention to another potential risk factor: lookah bongs.

  We do not know much about the possible relationship between novel coronavirus and use, and we do not have enough time to design reliable studies and collect data.

  But medical expertise and common sense can help us understand this relationship, so I asked three doctors to understand it.

  The three guests were Dr. MichaelHall, a vaccine provider at the centers for disease control and prevention; Dr. ElisaTong, a smoking cessation expert; and Dr. StephenBaldassarri, a Yale medical pulmologist.Read all you need to know about the potential connection between novel coronavirus and lookah bongs.

  What do we know about the relationship between lookah bongs and coronavirus?

  Let me be clear: we do not yet have any studies that prove a link between lookah bongs and novel coronavirus.'we are waiting for studies in patients with coronavirus to determine whether lookah bongs smoke and whether smoking and/or other drug use are risk factors for the complications of coronavirus infection,' Dr. Baldassari said.

  Dr. Tang echoed that warning.'whether we can check smoking or whether smoking is related to covid-depends on whether any data is collected,' he said.We won't know much until we have enough time for researchers to gather more data.
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  However, we know enough about the effects of China bongs on the lungs and immune system to give us good reason to guess.

  Cigarettes are clearly bad for your lungs, but the impact of China bongs on lung health is less obvious.You may remember the pre-pandemic news about diseases associated with China bongs, which eventually caused more than 2,500 people to develop severe lung diseases and other health problems in hospitals after receiving electronic spray therapy, and at least 64 people to die.

  The researchers did not know whether this was due to their own nebulization or to vitamin E acetate, which causes lung disease in black-market nebulized marijuana products.

  If the steam does damage the lungs, the pollutant is likely to be inhaled by the steam.When you smoke, various substances get deep into the lungs, causing irritation that can cause protective problems in the lungs, hall said.

  Dr Tong is more aware of the adverse effects of China bongs on the lungs.Based on laboratory studies in humans, animals and in vitro, there is evidence that China bongs harm the health of the lungs, from the cellular level to the organ level, he said.

  "If the use of China bongs destroys the protective layer of your lungs, that would be even worse news given the prevalence of the coronavirus," hall said.People with damaged lining can develop more severe coronavirus disease, because if defense mechanisms in lung tissue are damaged, the infection can spread faster and the body can't catch up.

  Others think lookah bongs weaken the immune system.

  The lookah bongs steam increases the production of inflammatory chemicals, weakens protective cells in the lungs and leaves no potentially harmful particles in the air, according to an experimental study.

  The researchers cautioned that making any kind of declarative statement would require more research, which is common in emtronics research, and that we don't have enough time to do enough research.

  Another study by the Johns Hopkins bloomberg school of public health showed that the immune systems of mice exposed to lookah bongs weakened over time.

  If using lookah glass bong does weaken the immune system, it must be a significant factor in the coronavirus epidemic.We already know that people with low immunity can develop serious and even fatal diseases if they are infected with coronavirus.

  While many of us are certainly unaware of lookah glass bong and its coronavirus connection, all available evidence suggests that avoiding lookah glass bong for the time being is a better idea.Baldassarri agrees.