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Glass pipes cheap oil leakage in six cases and solutions

by linbin on May 08, 2020

Many players do not know much about seahorse pro knowledge, in the use of a bit careless, there will be glass pipes cheap sprayer oil and so on.What is an oil spill?Glass pipes cheap oil flows out in an abnormal way, such as leaking out of the atomization silo, squirting out of the base and cigarette holder.For the leakage of the glass pipes cheap atomizer, the following reasons are worthy of attention, especially for novice players, because a large part of the oil leakage is caused by improper use at the beginning.

  1.Glass pipes are too fast or full

  Some novice friends in the nuclear run too fast, soon added too much smoke oil, so that the atomization core is too saturated, or some smoke oil is not absorbed by the atomization core into the base, refueling too full will also appear oil leakage phenomenon.

  Solution: try not to overfill the tank!In general, it should not exceed two thirds of the tank at most, one little bit at a time, one little bit at a time, smoke again and again, don't try to save trouble, add too much."This is determined by the structure and working principle of the nozzle.The oil in the storage tank penetrates the atomizing core through the atomizing hole, and then the atomizing core is electrically heated and permeated into the smoke oil, which is heated and emits smoke from the cigarette holder.If the filling amount is too large, the air pressure in the atomization room is small. Under the action of gravity, more smoke oil penetrates into the atomization core, which is easy to flow out of the cigarette nozzle or into the mouth.

  2. Use it incorrectly

  It is not correct for many friends to habitually blow into an atomizer when using an atomizer.

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  Firstly, the structure of finished oil storage atomizer is different from that of drop atomizer.Blowing in the finished product atomizer for a long time sometimes causes the oil points of the Fried oil to blow into the base together, and the condensate accumulates for a long time, resulting in oil leakage.

  Solution: try not to blow into the mouth of the cigarette, if you smoke lookah glass bongs when you feel a SOB, it means there is condensation on the inside of the flue.At this point, the cigarette holder is thrown a few times, can be thrown away.Blowing in doesn't solve the problem.

  3. Spray seal apron damage or damage

  The gasket is most likely to be lost or damaged during the use of the nozzle.Oil leakage can also occur if the seal ring in contact with the bottom of the atomizing core is lost or damaged.

  Solution: remove the spray when refueling, the action should be light, as far as possible do not touch the seal ring.If you take the seal ring off by accident, install it carefully after adding some kerosene and then tighten it.Replace the atomizer with a new one if it is lost or damaged.

  4. The thread at the nozzle connection is not tightened

  The sprayer refueling portion and the portion combined with the battery rod are connected by a sealing apron and threaded connections.If the thread is not tightened and the sealing apron is not compressed, it will not act as a seal, causing the soot to seep through the nozzle or in combination with the battery bar.

  Solution: after the thread is tightened, twist it again with the appropriate force until it cannot be tightened again to ensure that all threads are tightened.

  5. The wrong way to use and the intensity of smoking is too big or too fast to inhale the smoke into the mouth.

  Many newcomers to glass pipes often complain that it is painful to smoke in the mouth and suspect it is the quality of glass pipes.In fact, this is due to a lack of understanding of the use of glass pipes cheap. In this case, most of the problems are caused by excessive intensity and speed of smoking, except for a few that do have quality problems.Unlike real smoke, the stronger the smoke, the faster the smoke, the greater the amount of smoke, but the longer the smoke, the greater the smoke.

  Solution: when smoking glass pipes cheap, don't smoke the pipe down, but lean the pipe to 45 degrees.Do not suck or suck fast during the suction process, keep the suction steady and appropriate.Because glass pipes cheap doesn't need to burn, you just need to smoke hard to make sure the aerosolized smoke gets sucked into your mouth (you can smoke longer if you want to).If the suction is too strong and fast, it is easy to absorb condensation from the flue or from the oil that has not yet been atomized.

  6. Long-term placement

  The exhaust oil in the atomizer is placed for a long time without use, which will also cause oil leakage.Since most atomizers are oil-conducting structures with negative pressure, the oil will continue to be guided by the pressure in the atomizer for a long time, and the excessive accumulation of atomized core smoke will seep into the base and cause oil leakage.

  Solution: add soot as much as possible at one time according to your own usage, so as to ensure that the oil added on the same day can suck lookah seahorse pro. If you need to leave it for a long time, please loosen the atomizer and pour the soot into it.