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Do Glass pipes chips matter?

by linbin on May 08, 2020

Are lookah glass platinum important?This problem really relates to the whole glass pipes and bongs industry, after all, glass pipes and bongs has developed to intelligent, so glass pipes and bongs chip is essential, we can tell you, glass pipes and bongs to develop more intelligent, glass pipes and bongs chip is very important.

  Do Glass pipes chips matter?

  The chip industry is a national topic in 2018 compared to the glass pipes and bongs markets.After the outbreak of the trade war between China and the United States, the zte incident has pushed the topic of chip autonomy and control to a new level.

  It is also a good thing for domestic chips to get so much attention from the society, which can bring more resources for the development of the industry.Chen has his own view on the development of the domestic chip industry: "at present, China is still far behind in many aspects, and it is impossible to catch up in the short term."In addition, most of the domestic chip products are still at the low-end level, and the application areas are concentrated in the consumer electronics field, which is different from foreign chips.".

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  There are two types of electronic cigarette chips on the market: one for glass pipes and bongs and the other for general purpose chips.Each of the two schemes has advantages and disadvantages.Compared with the single chip system, glass pipes and bongs dedicated chip has the advantages of simple use, no programming, few peripherals and so on.In contrast, compared with glass pipes and bongs dedicated chip, SCM system has more expansibility and more functions.However, there is still a lack of glass pipes and bongs control chip, which can have the advantages of both glass pipes and bongs control chip to improve the research and development efficiency of glass pipes and bongs products.In addition, the king glass bong currently on the market do not have encryption and security features to protect the interests of enterprises and users.

  An important part of e-cigarette design is the PCBA board, chip, shell and fume.The design and selection of each part is directly related to the final production of glass pipes and bongs.Taking the MCU chip EN8F677E in the electronic cigarette as an example, as the core control chip EN8F677E in the electronic cigarette machine, it realizes the functions of power regulation, mode switching, temperature control and power management of glass pipes and bongs.The quality of the chips will directly affect the stability and durability of glass pipes and bongs, and even the taste of the sprayer.

  The glass pipes and bongs market is growing around the world, as is demand for glass pipes and bongs chips.EN8F677E is a special glass pipes and bongs chip.The global glass pipes and bongs market was about $416 million in 2010, expanding to $7.1 billion in 2016, according to China Merchants Industry Research Institute.The market has grown 17-fold in six years and will exceed $10 billion by 2018.

  More than 90 percent of the world's glass pipes and bongs are produced in China, which has helped the entire domestic industrial chain.Upstream glass pipes and bongs products include chip designers, accessory manufacturers such as batteries, cotton and silk, and raw materials such as plastics and hardware, as well as suppliers of silk printing and packaging.The middle reaches include tobacco oil production, e-cigarette manufacturers and tobacco companies. Downstream sales channels include cross-border brand agents, OEM brands, online brand agents, offline experience stores, and online brand stores.Downstream end users include players, glass pipes and bongs enthusiasts and traditional smokers.

  Do electronic cigarette chips matter?Electronic cigarette chip is undoubtedly very important, related to the development and innovation of lookah bongs, modern intelligent electronic cigarette cannot do without the support of electronic cigarette chip, so the technical support of electronic cigarette chip is very important.