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Glass dab rigs are 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

by linbin on June 13, 2020


  Glass dab rigs did not attract much attention at the initial stage of its listing, but with the acquisition of glass dab rigs by multinational tobacco companies in recent years, it has become more and more common for glass dab rigs to sell through advertising. Global Glass dab rigs turnover in 2012 was nearly US$ 2 billion, and it is estimated that the annual turnover will approach US$ 5 billion by 2025.

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  As glass dab rigs have become a trend, the world health organization WHO issued a report in 2014 reminding that glass dab rigs will hinder the existing tobacco control work.

  However, the latest research from University College London shows that no matter how harmful glass dab rigs is to the body, at least it should be less harmful to health than smoking traditional cigarettes.

  It is estimated that tobacco kills up to 6 million people every year because smoking cigarettes produces more than 5,000 chemicals, of which at least 70 are carcinogenic. The composition of water pipes for sale is relatively simple, mainly nicotine, which the British Ministry of Public Health believes should be 95% safer than traditional cigarettes.

  Recently, the research team led by Dr. Lion of University College London tried to clarify the impact of long-term use of glass dab rigs on physical health. The subjects included Glasdabrigs users with an average of 17 months, ordinary smokers, and smokers who received nicotine replacement therapy. The contents of nicotine and more than 20 other harmful chemicals in saliva and urine were detected.

  The results show that the concentration of nicotine in these three categories of subjects is very close, so all subjects should be satisfied with smoking addiction. However, the amount of NNAL detected by Glasdabrigs users is 97% lower than that of smokers, which is equivalent to those receiving nicotine replacement therapy. Since nicotine replacement therapy has been used clinically for about 30 years and there are no reports showing that this method is significantly harmful to health, it is believed that glass dab rigs should be relatively safe.

  If you are a drug addict, Imucci suggests that quitting smoking is the best choice. Although glass dab rigs is healthier and safer than cigarettes, it does not mean that it has no effect on people at all. If you have never smoked, there is no need to try lookah glass bong review, let alone get into the habit of using glass dab rigs.

  Note: The development of glass dab rigs was initiated by Herbert A. Gilbert of the United States who applied for the patent of "Smokeless Non-tobacco Cigarette" in 1963, hoping to help drug addicts quit smoking, but his design did not continue to develop. In 2004, Li Han, a Chinese physician in Beijing, China, obtained an invention patent, which was produced and sold by Ruyan Company and spread to European and American countries.