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Glass dab rigs is not a tuyere but a big industry trend.

by linbin on June 18, 2020


  I wonder what the relationship between glass dab rigs and traditional tobacco is and why we smoke.

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  For example, I smoke for two reasons. First, regulate emotions. When I am sleepy in writing a report, I will use smoking to relieve anxiety, stress and tension. Second, meet the needs of self-socializing. When leaders smoke together, I usually choose to blend in with this group by smoking.

  In my opinion, lookah seahorse is not intended to replace traditional cigarettes, its target users are incremental market segments that have not smoked cigarettes. First of all, from the perspective of market development, it is more difficult for old smokers to adjust their consumption habits. If entrepreneurs explore new fields like JUUL, it is a better direction. Secondly, I once asked a loyal user of JUUL, and he told me that the reason for choosing JUUL was because of its strong throat irritation.

  I am a fan of IQOS. Why do I replace traditional tobacco with IQOS? Judging from my own feelings, it is basically difficult to withdraw traditional tobacco after smoking IQOS.

  At that time, I found that new tobacco is a huge industrial opportunity for three reasons. First, JUUL and IQOS can not only relieve anxiety, but also have a sense of technology and fashion. Second, IQOS users mostly appear in entertainment, finance and IT industries, and it has not yet fully penetrated into second-and third-tier cities. Third, I think the development logic of the current glass pipes for sale industry is similar to that of the mobile phone industry.

  In my opinion, JUUL's success stems from the innovation of industrial operation mode. JUUL subverted the traditional big tobacco and small tobacco, pushing glass dab rigs from the small to the public.

  I have been thinking about why Marlboro's parent company bought JUUL. After investigation and study, I finally understand. On the one hand, the cost of tobacco control is increasing all over the world, and the number of smokers in China is also in a steady decline. On the other hand, IQOS, which does not burn when heated, is different from JUUL, which changes bombs. The state has dealt a severe blow to IQOS, which has affected IQOS's statements at present.

  So, who is IQOS of China or JUUL of China?

  For this reason, I have investigated many leading enterprises that have done better in the tobacco system. They also think that this trend of replacing tobacco cannot be resisted and can only find ways to cope with it and speed up their development. After all, it can meet the market demand. At this stage, many voices against selling IQOS have appeared in the self-media on the network, which also confirms its development trend from the side.

  Next, I will set out from the perspective of capital, from four angles to explain the present and future development of online headshop.