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Why has glass dab rigs become the new darling of the market when top-level capital comes in?

by linbin on June 18, 2020


  Glass dab rigs is getting more and more attention from capital. With top-level capital such as source code and IDG entering the market, the financing enterprises in the glass dab rigs industry are concentrated in this year. People who have a little knowledge of glass dab rigs have more or less heard of domestic brands such as RELX Yueke, gippro Dragon Dance, IJOY Aizoui and Laan Shan Lan.

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  Recently, hundreds of millions of European countries have heard that many investment institutions in the primary market focusing on the consumption field are flocking to watch glass dab rigs. There are even rumors that the project has been financed, and investors continue to suggest that the founder adjust to the Glasdabrigs circuit. Behind the capital concern is the favorable development prospect of the glass dab rigs industry. On the one hand, glass pipes for sale is becoming a substitute for cigarettes. It is similar to cigarettes in taste and use, and the contents of toxic substances such as tar, carbon monoxide and nitrous acid are greatly reduced. On the other hand, the world's cigarette production is continuously decreasing, and sub-sectors such as glass dab rigs are experiencing high growth.

  I. entrepreneurial opportunities for the new glass dab rigs

  New things are often fragile. Looking back on the history of glass dab rigs, it was invented and patented by Li Han, a Beijing traditional Chinese medicine doctor, in 2004. In the same year he founded the brand "Ruyan" and achieved sales of 21 billion yuan in 2008. Subsequently, CCTV News 30 questioned the tobacco and grass bureau's demand for control. The problem with it is that it exaggerates the publicity effect and claims to enable consumers to quit smoking successfully. In 2013, founder Li Han sold the patent to Imperial Tobacco for US$ 75 million.

  At present, the new glass dab rigs appearing in the market are generally divided into three types: glass dab rigs that do not burn when heated, smokey online headshop, and suction energy bars. The third kind of nicotine products does not belong to addiction strictly. For example, there are sleep bars added with melatonin, energy bars added with taurine, caffeine for anti-fatigue and beauty bars added with vitamins ... Tobacco has no obvious attribute, but it has great development potential and is more like a food that can be smoked. In some developed countries such as Japan, the industry has gradually matured and people have a strong concept of acceptance.

  Second, glass dab rigs, which does not burn when heated, represents the world's largest tobacco company, IQOS(I Quit Original Smoking), manufactured by marlboro manufacturer Fillmore international, and is committed to developing new types of tobacco that reduce harm. This kind of non-burning cigarette bomb contains traditional cigarette consumables, which is closer to the real taste of traditional cigarettes and is more easily accepted by people who have smoking habits. However, these consumables are tobacco products and are subject to state control. They are allowed to be exported and not allowed to be sold in China.

  The third type of smokey glass dab rigs is an important direction for domestic entrepreneurship. Its most basic structure includes battery assembly, atomizer and smoke bomb. Cigarette oil in a cigarette bomb is usually made by mixing nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol and essence. Unlike cigarettes, it does not contain tar. The atomizer is powered by a battery rod, which can convert the liquid nicotine in the smoke bomb into fog, thus making the eater feel like smoking.

  From the aspect of health, the main substances that ordinary cigarettes do harm to human body come from the burning process. Cigarettes usually burn at 800℃ and are not fully burned. Tar produced will affect lung health, carbon monoxide produced will affect heart health, and there are more than 40 chemical carcinogens. In addition, cigarettes also become the main source of indoor PM2.5 and form second-hand smoke. Beijing has issued the strictest ban on smoking in history, and glass dab rigs has not been included in the ban. The burning temperature of lookah seahorse is around 200℃, and the burning method is to heat the smoke liquid into steam through an atomizer, without tar and carbon monoxide, which is relatively harmless to human beings and does not generate second-hand smoke.

  However, this does not mean that glass dab rigs are healthy and harmless. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tested glass dab rigs for trace amounts of carcinogenic nitrosamines and other potentially harmful substances. Internationally, the material (ceramic/glass fiber) used in the smoke-oil type glass dab rigs atomizing core has a controversial impact on health.