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For the glass dab rigs industry, it is time to put some problems on the table and make them clear!

by linbin on June 18, 2020


  On March 15, after the CCTV 315 party exposed glass dab rigs, the entire industry was quickly pushed to the forefront of public opinion, and was swept again and again on major platforms on the Internet. Suning, jingdong and other e-commerce companies blocked the keyword "glass dab rigs" for the first time, and some listed companies also said that they had not set foot in glass dab rigs. The relevant departments in some places have also started to send out notices to investigate.

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  In fact, it is not surprising that glass dab rigs was named by cctv. Since 2018, the glass dab rigs industry has begun to welcome capital intervention, reaching a peak in 2019. So far, more than 20 Internet brands have received capital investment. In addition, some Internet celebrities have made a high-profile entry into the glass dab rigs industry, which undoubtedly plays a role in fuelling the situation. As a result, the glass dab rigs industry has attracted more and more attention and exposure from the media and capital. As the saying goes, trees attract wind and people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong. With the introduction of new regulations on tobacco control in various regions, glass pipes for sale, which is in the air of public opinion and capital, has to attract the attention of relevant government departments.

  In the face of CCTV 315 roll call and the actions of relevant departments, for the glass dab rigs industry, are we fully aware of the industry, are we aware of what we have done wrong, and are we aware of the development trend of the industry in the next step? Now, at the critical moment, some problems have indeed come to the point where they must be put on the table and made clear.

  1. glass dab rigs, born in China in 2004, has been in existence for 15 years. 2004-2006 (embryonic development period), 2006-2009 (sluggish development period), 2009-2012 (slow development period), 2012-2015 (barbaric development period), 2015-2018 (policy intervention period), 2018-2019 (capital inflow period).

  2. The father of glass dab rigs is former CEO Li Han (the first person to truly apply the research theory of glass dab rigs to products and market), and the father of glass dab rigs is CEO Yao Jide of Hengxin Group (the first person to successfully develop PV&VG blended tobacco oil).

  3. 90% of glass dab rigs products are mainly produced in China (Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang), 90% of manufacturers are concentrated in Shenzhen Baoan District (Shajing, Fuyong and Songgang), and 90% of foreign trade companies are in Shenzhen Baoan District (Shajing, Fuyong and Xixiang).

  4. 90% of glass dab rigs products are exported overseas, and 90% of the consumer market is overseas, mainly sold to European and American countries, supplemented by southeast Asian, east Asian and middle eastern countries. Among them, 90% of the market is in the United States, and China's market share is extremely low and almost negligible.

  5. Top 20 Enterprises of Industry Manufacturers, Including new yikang (Innokin), JOYETECH, aspire, Kanger, Hangsen, sigelei, smoore, grimonda (GS), buddy, everest (SMOK), vapes, FISRTUNIOn), SXmini, hotcig, SMOANT, tesla, UD, burton group, jingjia group, huabao international, etc. Among them, several belong to listed companies.

  6. Top 20 Internet brands in the industry, including RELX, BTM, GR, Laan, MOTI, FLOW, YOOZ, EVOVE, LINX, ENJOVP, gippro, EUSN, Wilson Tsui (iv), CALM, VPO, WINTEL, Doo, GOIN, Wel, Gimme Most of them have received financing, ranging from a minimum of 5 million to a maximum of 50 million.

  7. Top five cigarette and oil manufacturers in the industry, including Dekang, Hengxin, Fanhuo, Hengbo, Youlvxin, etc.

  8. Top 10 contract manufacturers in the industry, including Maxwell, Hopewell, Five Wheels Electronics, Avipous, Yanshen, Bodi Electronics, etc. In addition to these, other manufacturers can also do it.

  8. There are three well-known organizations in the industry, including china electronic chamber of commerce glass dab rigs Industry Committee, Shenzhen glass dab rigs Chamber of Commerce, and Albanese glass dab rigs Supply Chain Alliance. Foreign countries mainly include the British Steam Industry Association, the American glass dab rigs Industry Association and the Malaysian glass dab rigs Association.

  8. In terms of policy, the United States lists lookah seahorse as tobacco products for management, while South Korea, Japan, Britain and other countries list glass dab rigs as medical drugs for management. At present, China does not have any state-level regulations on the glass dab rigs industry. The policies are still unclear and the standards are even less clear.

  9. New types of tobacco products, including glass dab rigs, non-burning heated tobacco products, etc., and non-burning heated tobacco bombs containing tobacco ingredients (represented by IQOS) are banned in China and are being severely cracked down by relevant departments.

  10. glass dab rigs oil can be divided into two types from the perspective of nicotine content, one containing nicotine chemical component and the other containing no nicotine chemical component. Nicotine is easy to cause addiction. Excessive nicotine content is harmful to the body.