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Entrepreneurs who Seize glass dab rigs Opportunities

by linbin on June 18, 2020


  Wang Feng (not his real name) quickly set up a glass dab rigs sales team of about 10 people at the end of 2018, which is responsible for selling glass dab rigs through WeChat.

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  He owns the largest WeChat traffic company in the region. In 2018, he gained a large number of male fans at low cost through Guangdiantong. The millions of male fans are in their hands, and Wang Feng has been suffering. "Compared with the life cycle of female fans, male users have a narrower cash flow channel." In addition to the black ads, Zhang Feng can only rely on some knowledge to pay for cash, which is very boring.

  Wang Feng is an agile businessman. Before he became a new media player, he used to do purchasing in traditional industries. He firmly believed that he spent all his manpower and financial resources to woo users. "Don't you do public welfare without making money?"

  Finally, the opportunity to make money came.Water pipes for sale sprang up suddenly, and Wang Feng suddenly discovered that the opportunity to cash in the men's powder had finally come. In a series of brands, he chose the founder who had a personal relationship. "This industry is the best friend." Wang Feng secretly said, "Friendship means stable and reliable cooperation with higher priority than product quality."

  By introducing Glasdabrigs' articles to attract people and embedding personal WeChat in the articles for promotion, the business is gradually on track.

  A gang came to the city from his hometown in Hebei several months ago and joined the team, "to make money and raise a wife." The company gave him five micro-signals and a whole set of speech skills to connect customers and publish friends. Every day, he will contact about 100 consulting customers and sell them cigarette rod and cigarette bomb product sets.

  "It is through this that my father gave up smoking." He told users this countless times.

  "WeChat's public number is so expensive to buy." Old A, paving the channel for big cigarettes. From his earring and dirty braid, it can be seen that he is a senior player of big smoke. This northerner seems to have a middle finger longer than others, and he doesn't like many things, such as the high channel fees for small cigarettes.

  He revealed: "At present, the micro-business channel usually needs 50% profit, at least 30%."

  The brand is willing to pay for this channel. At a glass dab rigs salon, Wu Li, deputy director of the Tianfeng securities research institute, said that online headshop had never started a business and probably only needed 5 million yuan. There is almost no threshold for admission, and the focus of competition is who can reach more users.

  Without technical barriers, Zhang Jian has looked through the glass dab rigs products on the market. both the appearance and the internal structure are the same. "This is a capital and marketing driven industry." Zhang Jian said, "It is to fight with a trumpet."

  Qiu Yiwu's strategy is to put the channel below the line. He tries to combine it with the consumption scene and put disposable small cigarettes in bars, chess and card rooms, KTV and other places to build a "new non-tobacco system sales network".

  A few days ago, Qiu Yiwu was on a business trip in Beijing and met 20 or 30 distributors every day. Today, a cosmetics e-commerce operator called and asked if he could be a glass dab rigs brand. They have strong community capabilities. There are also people who sell computer memory and specialize in making SaaS for bars. They all hope to cooperate with whales.

  At present, whale light smoke shipments have reached hundreds of thousands.

  Old A found that such disposable small cigarettes grew at the fastest rate of barbarism. Even the Yiwu small commodity market began to be flooded with disposable electronic small cigarettes of less than 20 yuan, which were directly produced by factories without brands and cost only more than 10 yuan.

  "The weakest part of our company is marketing." Wu Zhen could not let go. After graduating from Zhejiang University of Technology, he plunged into the field of virtual reality and concentrated on technical research. The whole team is almost as inarticulate as he is. "Everyone was very excited to say how to solve the technical problem of oil leakage." Wu Zhen sighed, "Everyone is not interested in discussing how to sell the products."

  Wu Zhen wanted to do something about defining products. "Maybe we emphasize quality control and will have advantages in the future."

  Just don't know, the industry will give him this time.

  Trend, another word that entrepreneurs like very much. From Columbus's observation that the aborigines stuffed tobacco leaves into their mouths to chew, nicotine, a magical substance, began to become an important existence and evolved over and over again, eventually evolving into nicotine salt, which became the sweet steam emitted from lookah glass for sale.

  "The trend is irreversible." Qiu Yiwu said.

  Zhang Jinyuan, founder of LINX, said in an interview: "glass dab rigs, as a new consumer product, will become the standard for many people like mobile phones in the future."

  The last one who sold cigarettes like this was Ma Ji, the Cosmos brand cigarette: "If you don't buy my cigarettes, you young people won't get involved." Now young people have started smoking glass dab rigs.