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Why do I say Glasdabrigs has no future in China?

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  This September, it seems that the whole world is having a hard time with glass dab rigs.

  Initially, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took the lead in the attack, announcing 215 cases of severe lung diseases caused by the use of glass dab rigs, including 5 deaths.

water pipes

  After that, the New York State Health Committee suddenly proposed to ban the sale of fragrant glass dab rigs. The ban came into effect on the 17th. new york became the first state in the United States to ban the sale of fragrant glass dab rigs. It began to ban the sale of other fragrant glass dab rigs except tobacco and menthol, and raised the purchase age of lookah glass reviews from 18 to 21.

  Then, India also gave Glasdabrigs a tough order. On the 19th of this month, India's Finance Minister Bhattaraim announced that all businesses involving glass dab rigs are prohibited from production, manufacturing, import and export transportation, sale, distribution, storage and advertising. At present, the ban has been approved by the Indian cabinet and will be formally promulgated in the form of an executive order.

  Glass dab rigs, which is banned abroad, is not optimistic at home either. In mid-September, U.S. glass dab rigs giant JUUL just launched tmall and jingdong, and Juul's flagship stores on both e-commerce platforms were closed a week later. Although there are third-party platforms selling Juul's related products, Juul's flagship store has disappeared.

  It is understood that more than a dozen countries or regions such as Japan, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and Brazil have banned glass dab rigs in whole or in part. Why is it that glass water pipes, a product that has only recently emerged, will be "besieged" by the whole world?

  It is smoke, smoke, there is original sin

  Glass dab rigs is harmful to people and its original sin.

  Although glass dab rigs manufacturers often say that glass dab rigs do less harm than traditional tobacco, less harm does not mean no harm.

  Let's first understand the principle of glass dab rigs. Glass dab rigs mainly consists of battery, atomizer and smoke oil. The battery powered atomizer heats the smoke oil to make it into water vapor to enter the human body. Since the burning process is avoided, glass dab rigs will not produce more than 40 harmful substances such as tar, which is why its harm is less than that of traditional tobacco.

  However, the nicotine content in tobacco oil is the same as that of traditional tobacco, and there is still a risk of cardiovascular disease after long-term smoking. In addition, CCTV also pointed out clearly at the 315 party that propylene glycol and glycerin vaporized by online headshop have strong stimulation effect on respiratory tract and will endanger human health.

  Moreover, glass dab rigs' smoke oil can be blended by itself. The nicotine content in traditional cigarettes is basically fixed. Whether you are Li Qun, Yu Xi or Marlboro, the nicotine content in a cigarette is relatively fixed.

  But glass dab rigs, because of the addition of tobacco oil, you can buy tobacco oil with higher nicotine content, or even much higher nicotine content than a whole pack of cigarettes. In the US case of the death of glass dab rigs, someone obtained "strong" tobacco oil from illegal channels.

  In addition, the effect of "quitting smoking" often mentioned by electronic manufacturers is also untenable. People who are addicted to smoking for a long time have a great demand for nicotine. glass dab rigs, which sells "taste", is simply not enough to satisfy them.

  A paper published on JAMA in 2014 said that through longitudinal analysis of 949 smokers' twice-yearly online surveys, the success rate of quitting smoking by using glass dab rigs did not increase, nor did cigarette consumption decrease.

  What's more, even if glass pipes for sale is really helpful for quitting smoking, it will also become the pedal for non-smokers to become smokers. Because many unscrupulous manufacturers and media publicize that glass dab rigs does little harm, teenagers are easily tempted to try, then become addicted, and finally turn to traditional tobacco products with greater stimulation and better meeting the demand.

  In "The Legend of the Wulin," Lao Bai said, "A thief is a thief. There is no difference between a good thief and a bad thief. There is also a proper way to steal. It's all nonsense! "

  Please allow me to use it: smoke is smoke, and there is no difference between good smoke and bad smoke. No matter how to conceal it, it cannot change the fact that smoking is harmful to health.

  This is the original sin of glass dab rigs.