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An article sees through glass dab rigs: the Jianghu in the phantom of glass dab rigs.

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  Haven't eaten pork, haven't seen a pig run? I haven't smoked glass dab rigs, and perhaps you have seen glass dab rigs.

  It is true that pigs do not need to run when eating pork, but for a smoker, it is necessary to find out the safety of glass dab rigs instead of smoking tobacco. after all, it is related to his health and lifestyle.

glass bongs

  Fog core technology (brand RELX yue ke glass dab rigs, hereinafter referred to as yue ke) provided an opportunity to invite media to visit its glass dab rigs factory in Shenzhen, and to show the whole process and all aspects of how glass dab rigs were refined.

  At this time, this is a courageous move!

  The combination of some previous knowledge in this field by digo.com may be able to completely uncover the "mysterious veil" of this field for friends. more importantly, it may solve an important problem: as a smoker's reader, dare you smoke online headshop? Should we smoke glass dab rigs?

  90% of the world's glass dab rigs are produced in China, 90% of China's glass dab rigs are produced in Shenzhen, and 90% of Shenzhen's glass dab rigs are produced in songgang and shajing streets in Bao' an district.

  Xie Houjian, who is called "old player of glass dab rigs" by insiders, is actually not very old. He retired from the army in 2014, but he has a history of "playing with cigarettes" for 6 years.

  From the very beginning of "fun", to constant contact with products, DIY, to understanding the structure, smoke quantity and quality of glass dab rigs, Xie Houjian is very skilled. Not only did he open his own glass dab rigs store, but he also produced his own "glass dab rigs" in OEM mode. of course, the products and market were not good. he turned back to concentrate on his own glass dab rigs store.

  In his description, in a small area in Bao 'an, Shenzhen, thousands of glass dab rigs enterprises are distributed. most of the head enterprises are contract manufacturers for overseas glass dab rigs brands, while more are assembly enterprises, i.e. custom-made glass dab rigs for domestic customers.

  "Customers only need to select the type, set the LOGO, pay for the goods, and almost nothing else," Xie Houjian told Digao. com that the production of lookah seahorse is a pediatrician. But if this is the Glasdabrigs, it is better not to smoke!

  Because it may seriously damage health, there is no safety at all.

  According to the working principle, glass dab rigs can be divided into atomized glass dab rigs and heated nonflammable glass dab rigs (such as IQOS). currently, atomized glass dab rigs are mainly used in the domestic market.

  It consists of a battery, an integrated control circuit, an atomizer and smoke oil. At present, apart from technological breakthroughs in tobacco and oil, China has fully mastered other dimensions of technology.

  This may be the answer to the riddle of "glass dab rigs" that can be seen everywhere. tobacco rod+tobacco oil is glass dab rigs. Of course, this is also the question of everyone. can glass dab rigs produced in this way be smoked?

  "Mobile phones, unmanned aerial vehicles and lookah glass reviews are the three major electronic technology products in Shenzhen," Cheng Xueliang said with a smile. This is a folk saying in Shenzhen and cannot be said to be a microcosm of Shenzhen's technological innovation. The only explanation is the existing glass dab rigs production capacity and tide in Shenzhen.

  The enterprise set up by Cheng Xueliang mainly acts as a proxy for Glasdabrigs. He was originally a member of Alibaba's supply "Tiejun". He has long been active in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Seeing the continuous growth of glass dab rigs industry in Alibaba's backstage "first-hand resources", he resolutely went to sea.

  "The current stage is just like the cottage mobile phone market 10 years ago, which has become a common practice." Cheng Xueliang said that glass dab rigs began to develop in Shenzhen in 2006, but for a long time, Chinese brands have failed to promote in China, with Yueke being an exception.

  Over the past 10 years, cheng xueliang has visited numerous glass dab rigs factories and participated in several glass dab rigs exhibitions in Europe and America. He believes that Glasdabrigs' claim to "quit smoking" is a false proposition, which only reduces health hazards compared with traditional tobacco.

  "Almost all the water pipes for sale in the world are produced in Shenzhen, but we don't have a big brand in China," Cheng Xueliang said, which was once a tragedy.

  Cheng Xueliang thinks that (smokey) glass dab rigs is a good thing and can greatly reduce the harm, but not all glass dab rigs are good, especially smokey oil. "Cigarette oil is so cheap on Taobao that it costs 12 US dollars to import from the United States and only 6 yuan is produced by others. Do you think it can be good?"

  Therefore, the market that seems to be in full swing at the same time also hides dirty things, not only challenging the health of consumers, but also constantly fiddling with the nerves of supervision.

  Because of the huge niche market, people from all walks of life flocked to Shenzhen, opening the "fake" glass dab rigs moment.