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Why is glass dab rigs unpopular?

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  In the country, glass dab rigs is the first big wind outlet in 2019. However, the reason why the innovation circle has re-invested in the glass dab rigs outlet is that the us glass dab rigs brand Juul Labs was acquired by the parent company of Marlboro, altria group, at the end of 2018 with a valuation of 38 billion us dollars. At present, Glasdabrigs penetration rate among 100 million smokers in the United States has reached 13%. Goldman Sachs mentioned in its 2013 report that by 2020, glass dab rigs will account for 10% of the overall tobacco industry's sales and 15% of its profits.

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  This let all the domestic capital smell the opportunity, because China is a big tobacco consumer, with about 350 million smokers, and is the world's largest tobacco consumer and producer, consuming about 44% of the world's tobacco market, while our Glasdabrigs penetration rate is less than 1%. Some people have calculated that even 10% of the domestic glass pipes penetration rate can generate a 100 billion-level market.

  This track has been flooded with many front-line investment institutions including real funds, dynamic capital, source code capital, IDG capital, etc. As a result, a large number of glass dab rigs brands in China have received initial financing of over ten million levels. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than a dozen glass dab rigs companies in China that have received a total financing of several hundred million yuan.

  Statistics show that there are more than 30,000 "glass dab rigs" enterprises with a registered capital of more than 10 million yuan. According to incomplete statistics in ecglass dab rigs World, there were more than 35 investment cases in the glass dab rigs industry in the first half of 2019. According to the disclosed investment statistics, the total investment was at least more than 1 billion yuan.

  A large influx of capital has a demand for quick profits and quick returns. online headshop manufacturers urgently need to popularize glass dab rigs to more market segments. Therefore, we can see that glass dab rigs manufacturers are eager to label themselves as attractive users from the marketing packaging: one is safety and health, the other is a hint of fashion and social status.

  At present, on the e-commerce platform, many glass dab rigs advertisements are packaged into a kind of products similar to cosmetics and fashion, with many attractive flavors such as mint, mango, bubble gum, cotton candy, etc. It is packaged into a fashion lifestyle. Glass dab rigs claims that its selling point is that the contents of toxic substances such as tar, carbon monoxide and nitrous acid are greatly reduced, which can effectively help to quit smoking and is very attractive to immature teenagers.

  According to the results of the 2018 China Adult Tobacco Survey released by the China CDC, compared with 2015, the proportion of people who have heard of, used and now use glass dab rigs has increased. In the United States, there are also data showing that 20.8% of high school students and 4.9% of junior high school students in the United States used glass dab rigs last year, up 78% and 48% year on year.

  Adam, an American teenager, and his attorney accused Juul, a well-known US manufacturer of glass dab rigs, of intentionally instilling the suggestion that glass dab rigs can enhance social status into teenagers, but did not fully disclose the harmful ingredients contained in its glass dab rigs products.

  At present, the safety and health labels of glass dab rigs are arousing public doubts.

  The world health organization has issued a report saying that there is not enough evidence to support the conclusion that glass dab rigs is safer and healthier. Amy Abernethy, FDA's chief deputy commissioner, said, "Some aerosols produced by water pipes for sale may contain large amounts of toxic substances. The substance found in glass dab rigs aerosol may lead to pulmonary hypoplasia, dyspnea, decreased defense against bacterial and viral pathogens, and inflammatory response induced by atomization mimicking metastatic cancer. "

  However, judging from many current cases, glass dab rigs has not fully disclosed the harmful ingredients in its glass dab rigs products. Users simply do not know whether smoking will cause some hidden dangers.

  One common sense that needs to be known is that the strong competition for capital is not a competition to become a public welfare ambassador for quitting smoking, but has a clear, fast and maximum profit purpose and appeal. If glass dab rigs can effectively quit smoking, it means that glass dab rigs will face the dilemma of losing users in the future, which is not what manufacturers themselves and profit-seeking capital want to see.