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Qilu Evening News: "Strong Supervision" Makes glass dab rigs Return to the Original Intention of Qui

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  At the end of July 2019, the National Health Council and relevant departments carried out a study on the supervision of glass dab rigs. According to the prediction of the glass dab rigs industry, the legislation of glass dab rigs may fall to the ground as soon as October. This seems to indicate that the era of strong supervision of glass dab rigs in our country is coming.

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  At present, glass dab rigs already have many properties, first of all, the properties of smoking cessation products; The second is the "safety" shown by glass dab rigs. Since there is no scientific evidence to show that glass dab rigs is indeed less harmful than traditional cigarettes, the author calls it the "safety" shown. Thirdly, water pipes for sale also has properties of reducing cigarette consumption and secondhand smoke. Finally, there are more and more young people involved in the "trendiness" of Glass dab rigs because of the so-called safety and non-addiction. Therefore, glass dab rigs still have a good development prospect up to now.

  However, prospects and opportunities cannot be equated. The prospect lies in its market space and development potential. It does not mean that all enterprises have development opportunities. However, it is worth mentioning that glass dab rigs does not have a high market barriers in terms of manufacturing technology or technological content. It is also for this reason that a large number of glass dab rigs enterprises have emerged on the market.

  As far as the glass dab rigs market is concerned, traditional tobacco enterprises have the same status and equal opportunities as other enterprises. However, under the trend of future supervision, such equality may be broken.

  Citizens have an urgent need for the glass bongs industry to be regulated. The reason why it is only put on the agenda today can be analyzed from three aspects: what to supervise, how to supervise and the effectiveness of supervision. The dual attribute of glass dab rigs, that is, the coexistence of smoking cessation (safety) attribute and its harmful attribute, is the main reason why supervision has been out of position all the time. However, with more data and research showing that the smoking cessation effect and harm of glass dab rigs are "false appearance", it is equivalent to giving supervision external legitimacy. Secondly, there is the issue of how to supervise. Although glass dab rigs is known as tobacco, it is different from tobacco in the end. There is no certain consensus on the uniform manufacturing standards in the industry. At the same time, law enforcement departments lack professionals who know glass dab rigs better, which hinders the supervision from falling into place. However, there is no doubt that the goal of supervision is extremely clear, that is, for the consideration of the safety of glass dab rigs, in this sense, more supervision in the future will be to specify the restriction indicators for industrial production processes and various raw materials, and at the same time to give certain restrictions on the attractiveness of advertisements.

  Then, under the background of supervision, perhaps the traditional tobacco industry will have obvious competitive advantages in this market, and with the help of accumulated social contacts and smokers' foundation, the glass dab rigs products under the tobacco industry will have good development, that is to say, the introduction of supervision may not affect the development of the industry, but it will reshuffle the glass dab rigs industry.

  One thing also needs to be noted, that is the commodity attribute of online headshop. The glass dab rigs Industry Supervision Report (2019), completed by the Research Group on Public Health and Technology Supervision in Tsinghua University, shows that China is the world's largest producer of glass dab rigs products (accounting for 95% of the world's shares) and exporter (accounting for 90% of the world's shares). Therefore, the international view on glass dab rigs may also affect China's glass dab rigs policy.

  Only from our country's point of view, the glass dab rigs will not be greatly affected in the future, but the concentration of the industry should gradually increase, and with the supervision falling, relevant standards will be introduced. at that time, the loose and uncontrolled development mode of the glass dab rigs industry will be curbed, and the smoking cessation attribute of the glass dab rigs will once again take the top position.