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Glass dab rigs is no longer a windy place.

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  The glass dab rigs industry is a tuyere, but with the window period gradually "disappearing", the huge glass dab rigs craze seems to have stopped being so crazy.

  After more than a year of capital-driven barbaric growth, many problems in the glass dab rigs industry have been exposed. First, it is the shackles of the channel.

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  Unlike traditional cigarettes, lookah seahorse pro is difficult to sell online and offline like traditional cigarettes because there are no clear standards and regulations at this stage. It is more spread online and online. Some entrepreneurs from the Internet industry have placed their hopes on online channels and tried to overtake on the so-called corners through the store-and-dealer platform. However, the actual situation is: the ideal is plump and the reality is very bony.

  The co-founder of a glass dab rigs brand said to understand the notes: "We are operating online and offline channels at the same time, but the real volume is offline, and online sales are actually very small. However, once any industry enters the offline channel, it will become very bitter, become positional warfare, and the competitive environment is very complicated. The sales volume of a disposable glass dab rigs product we introduced before was very good. The offline channel sold 1.2 million units at the highest in a month, but the profits were very thin. If you go online, the profit is good but the sales volume is almost negligible. "

  Not long ago, JuuL, a well-known US brand of online headshop, announced its entry into the Chinese market, opening its own stores in Jingdong and Tmall respectively, which immediately attracted the attention of the industry. However, only four days after the launch, the brand was completely taken off the  shelves and its sales in the Chinese market was suspended.

  The reason for this is related to a series of safety problems recently occurred in the US glass dab rigs industry. JuuL was investigated by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the California North District Attorney respectively, of which the California North District Attorney conducted a criminal investigation. Influenced by the investigation, the brand's Internet and TV advertising has also been "taken off the shelf in batches". Recently, the company has been reorganized and the CEO announced his resignation.

  Obviously, the safety problem of Glasdabrigs is no longer a case, let alone a regional problem.

  At present, in the domestic market, the public opinion's biggest doubt about lookah glass reviews has always been a health hazard. A long-term user of glass dab rigs said to understand the notes: "glass dab rigs were very popular some time ago. Many people started to try and bought more. But in fact, we all know that many of them are fakes, especially micro-merchants and idle fish sellers on social networks. This thing is just like a fake cigarette. You can feel it tastes wrong when you smoke it. "

  In the eyes of users, crude products can be classified as fakes. But strictly speaking, their "fake" is not well defined. In response, the co-founder of the above-mentioned glass dab rigs brand said to understand the notes: "At present, the market does not have a clear standard for glass dab rigs. Therefore, strictly speaking, there is no concept of fake, and at best it can only be said that it is a crude product. It can be said that we are still looking forward to the landing of the national standard. Because this will clean up the entire glass dab rigs industry well, and a large number of inferior products in the previous market have also brought bad effects to the entire industry. Once the national standard falls to the ground, it should be able to avoid the problem of inferior coins driving out good ones. "

  The "wind" in the water pipes for sale tuyere is weakening, while a large number of dreamers and entrepreneurs who were attracted by the low threshold and high return rate will face the pain of "reshuffling" soon in the future. The national standard, which is about to fall to the ground, will undoubtedly greatly raise the entry threshold for the industry, and the day when one wants to find a substitute factory in Shenzhen with hundreds of thousands of yuan to produce "make money immediately" may not exist. After the uproar, the glass dab rigs industry will eventually return to calm, which will be good news for both the glass dab rigs industry and consumers.