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Glass dab rigs cannot hold the flying "pig" too much.

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  First register a brand, take the money to Shenzhen to find a replacement factory to post a brand, and then find some distributors to sell, even if the entry. This is the simplest summary of the glass dab rigs industry. Behind this sentence is actually the lower entry threshold for the glass dab rigs industry.

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  In the past year, glass dab rigs has become the hottest tuyere and has caused the most controversy. Perhaps it is because of catching up with the latest trends or because of the hope of "replacing cigarettes", many smokers are flocking to it. However, when the public's attention is focused on it, everything about glass water pipes products, including its shortcomings, is magnified infinitely.

  The Glasdabrigs industry has been developing rapidly in the past half year, while there are more and more doubts from the outside. Especially recently, the U.S. glass dab rigs tycoon JUUL was subjected to criminal investigation by relevant departments in the United States for safety issues, and after India and other countries announced the ban on glass dab rigs.

  At present, the vast majority of glass dab rigs in the global market are produced in China, but there are no corresponding industry standards and specifications for glass dab rigs in China. It is also this vacancy that has caused the glass dab rigs market to grow as savagely as it did when it bought cars and shared bicycles.

  Of course, supervision and standards may be late but never absent. Recently, it has been reported that the Glasdabrigs National Standards Program is about to be launched. According to the previous national standards information disclosure website, the national standards plan "glass dab rigs" was started in October 2017 and is expected to be released in October 2019. Perhaps in the next month, the glass dab rigs national standard will fall to the ground, and the national standard will undoubtedly bring a reshuffle to the whole domestic glass dab rigs industry.

  As for the entry threshold for the glass dab rigs industry under the tuyere, some people in the industry said at the earliest that a factory can be found in Shenzhen to make OEM products for only 5 million yuan. However, as more and more players enter the stadium, this threshold is also being lowered, from the initial 5 million yuan to the next 1 million yuan, and even now it only takes a few hundred thousand yuan to get started.

  Regarding the entry threshold for the industry, the co-founder of a glass dab rigs brand said to understand the notes: "The outside world said that the entry threshold for the glass dab rigs industry is low, but it still depends on the specific angle. The Glasdabrigs industry has its own characteristics. Low threshold means that it is easy to enter the industry, but it is difficult to make some real achievements. The glass bongs industry has been developing for so many years and has always been dominated by factories. The energy of the factory is very large. They control the whole supply chain. This also means that both entrepreneurs and capital entering the glass dab rigs industry are basically following the OEM path. "

  The source stressed that there is also a problem: these entrepreneurs who are rushing into the market do not have their own core technologies and valuable brands. "All they can do is go to the factory to buy ready-made products, and then label them for marketing and sales."

  Through this analysis, it can be seen that in fact, there is no difference in what many incoming customers sell. The difference is only that different brands are pasted. In this market state, these entrepreneurs are just some sales channels for factories. As for factories that control the supply chain, they naturally enjoy the act of receiving goods and labeling.

  In response, the co-founder of the above-mentioned online headshop brand pointed out: "Before a glass dab rigs factory suddenly saw numerous sales departments, in fact, it was these new entrepreneurs (in the name of the sales department). As for the factory, the more incoming customers, the better. No matter who buys my things and pastes his cards, they will definitely not refuse, because everyone sells them. It has nothing to do with the factory if you take them back after pasting the cards and sell them or not. The factory is always making money anyway. “

  "It has been said before that the entry threshold for the glass dab rigs industry is 5 million yuan, but now it doesn't cost so much, hundreds of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. Because the factory opens a production line, one-time production may be based on one thousand units, with a minimum of one thousand units produced, and you can sell it with your brand. "In the view of the founder of the enterprise, this can also be regarded as a kind of introduction. From this perspective, the entry threshold for the industry is indeed very low.

  This situation has undoubtedly made the entire glass dab rigs industry more impetuous. Each entrant wants to "get rich overnight" during the tuyere period, while tuyere is still becoming the pig of heaven. But how many people can land safely?

  All those who enter the industry with money will understand that it is easy to get started and difficult to make money. The biggest challenges and opportunities lie in cigarette oil and bombs.

  How to distinguish the glass dab rigs brand or glass dab rigs products? The two factors of workmanship and taste are the most direct feelings for users and are also important indicators to drive brand loyalty.

  At present, the main target user group of glass dab rigs is mainly young smokers. In their eyes, glass dab rigs is not only a substitute for traditional cigarettes, but in a sense lecturers play a role of fashion. Therefore, there are naturally higher requirements for the design and workmanship of products.

  Of course, good quality workmanship is not difficult for a place like Shenzhen, where glass dab rigs manufacturing plants are everywhere. Compared with design and workmanship, the biggest challenge of glass dab rigs is the taste, which is also the core of the real competition of glass dab rigs brand.

  Relevant water pipes for sale industry employees revealed to understand the notes: "cigarette oil and cigarette bombs determine the taste, but there is no clear standard for the formula. there are generally several channels for the formula scheme. special brand parties can be found to provide the scheme, and factories can provide it directly or make it by themselves." The source stressed that the cost of purchasing from the brand side is the highest, and the vast majority of brands still directly use the solutions provided by the factory or self-match.

  Behind the Glasdabrigs brand's emphasis on smoke bombs and oil is a very high gross profit. It is understood that the vast majority of profits of glass dab rigs products come from the large amount of smoke bombs and oil consumed.

  A businessman who is engaged in sales of glass dab rigs brand disclosed to understand the notes: "We usually sell a set of products. If we sell a set of products in 300 yuan, our take-home price is about 150 or so. As for cigarette oil and ammunition, if selling 100 yuan, the price of the goods is about the same as that of 40 yuan. Gross profit is generally between 50% and 70%. "

  With such high profits, it is natural that countless creationists have sprouted "love" for this industry.